Tokyo Hot n0276 The Wicked Sales Slut – Mizuho Hamasaki


東京熱 n0276 生カン医院中出し専用レディ
“The Wicked Sales Slut”
Mizuho Hamasaki
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 浜崎瑞穂 –

The business that used Internet is active. The net infiltrates the dealings between traders and the way of business has changed fairly. However, the direct deal face to face is basic after all. The person in charge of business who understands it enough has good results. MIZUHO HAMAZAKI is slender sales woman who is always result in the top and a red suit attracts attention. However, the fact palmed off a medical appliance without use by opearation under pretense of love. Insulting to MIZUHO starts when a forcible technique fails. Please enjoy appearance that a delicate body is fucked and ungracefully sunk.

インターネットを利用した取引が活発です。業者間の取引にもネットが浸透し営業のやり方も随分と変わってきました。 しかし面と向かっての直接取引がやっぱり基本。それを十分に承知している営業担当者は成績も良いです。 スレンダー系の浜崎瑞穂はセールスウーマン。成績は常にトップで真っ赤なスーツが目を引きます。しかし内実は使い道の無い医療器具を色仕掛けで無理矢理売り付けるものでした。 強引な手法が破綻した時瑞穂への陵辱が始まります。華奢な肉体が犯され無様に撃沈する様子を楽しんで下さい。

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Tokyo Hot n0275 The Slut Doctor – Emi Moriguchi


東京熱 n0275 巨乳女医精液グチャ混ぜマンコ
“The Slut Doctor”
Emi Moriguchi
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 森口絵美 –

Though it is often heard that lack of doctor but besides lack of number of absolute doctors also it is a background of increase of the number of patients, too. The thing that people who from mind and body in the prime of life are in the increasing tendency is especially attached to importance. The dynamite tots nymph EMI MORIGUCHI is a probationary woman doctor of TOKYO HOT clinic where having a lot of problem patients. She is not become accustomed yet and far from treating, and own body is fingered by the patient as they like. EMI is chastised by the director who raged at a negligent examination as a result. She is completely treated like a toy. Though it is a standpoint where the patient is examined, she was made as like oneself seems to become sick.

医者が足りないというのはよく聞く話ですが絶対的な医者の数の不足もさることながら一方で患者数の増大という背景もあります。 働き盛りで心身を病む人々が増加傾向にある事は特に重要視されています。巨乳美少女の森口絵美は問題のある患者を多数抱える東熱医院の見習い女医。 まだ慣れておらず治療をするどころか自身の肉体を患者に好き放題に弄くられる有様。結果いい加減な診察に激怒した院長に折檻されます。縛られ廻され完全なモノ扱い。 患者を診る立場なのに自身が病気になりそうな程ドロドロに汚されました。

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Tokyo Hot n0334 The Nightmare Again – Kyoko Yonekura

Tokyo Hot n0334 The Nightmare Again - Kyoko Yonekura

高慢RQ腐敗汁詰込再教育 | Tokyo-Hot 東京熱 n0334
Actress Kyoko Yonekura
Theme New Original Movie
Category Bukkake Creampie Piss Gangbang Toys irrumatio(irrumation) mouth ejaculation Restroom Cleaning fellatio Pussy Bukkake Cum On tits A woman curses a man Much bukkake love-spanking Semen poured Drinking Semen Vibration Machine massive cum discharge semen body painting tearing pantyhose
Release Date 2008/06/05
Duration 01:14:55
Product ID n0334

出演者 米倉恭子
シリーズ 撮りおろし徹底陵辱ビデオ
カテゴリ 顔に精液 中出し 小便 輪姦中出し オモチャ責め イラマチオ 口内射精 トイレ内 お掃除フェラ マンコぶっかけ 胸に精液 女が男を罵倒 顔に大量精液 スパンキング 精液流し込み・押込み 精液ゴックン 電気アンマ 中出し精液大量垂れ流し 精液塗り込み パンスト破き・切り
配信開始日 2008/06/05
収録時間 01:14:55
作品番号 n0334

Though it is the world of the talent and Race Queen that weather they have the ability or not is important success goes away if neglect a steady effort even if an inborn thing is superior.
KYOKO YONEKURA is a popular Race Queen of the TOKYO HOT team. She is tall and the style is preeminent. Though she is a beautiful woman with the perfect body as beauty tits and
beauty leg KYOKO is abuse fun who participated in photo session in behind and has not any motivation for the other work either. It did too much though the manager who felt the situation
heavy executed a rough reeducating. It is an impact content by which a popular Race Queen reduces a mere meat jar by the insulting that happens one after another.


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Tokyo Hot n0332 Pussy Collapse – Miki Hamamoto

Tokyo Hot n0332 Pussy Collapse - Miki Hamamoto

炸裂底辺ザーメン令嬢破壊 | Tokyo-Hot 東京熱 n0332
Actress Miki Hamamoto
Theme New Original Movie
Category Bukkake Creampie masterbation Gangbang Toys speculum irrumatio(irrumation) mouth ejaculation cum on hair Pussy Bukkake Much bukkake Semen poured Vibration Machine massive cum discharge air sperm discharge tearing pantyhose Sperm licking man
Release Date 2008/05/29
Duration 01:13:32
Product ID n0332

出演者 浜本美貴
シリーズ 撮りおろし徹底陵辱ビデオ
カテゴリ 顔に精液 中出し オナニー 輪姦中出し オモチャ責め クスコ膣内見せ イラマチオ 口内射精 髪に精液 マンコぶっかけ 顔に大量精液 精液流し込み・押込み 電気アンマ 中出し精液大量垂れ流し 中出し精液抱上げ垂流し パンスト破き・切り 精液舐め男
配信開始日 2008/05/29
収録時間 01:13:32
作品番号 n0332

It is stress society with many people worried by loss of appetite or sleeplessness now. The rich young lady whom there seems to have no a trouble with a jerk is not an exception.
MIKI HAMAMOTO is a slender beautiful woman who seems elegant and has lovely face. Though MIKI is troubled with sleeplessness and talks with the chief physician the weakness is
grasped by employees because of it and a noble body will be played with. MIKU who was thoroughly bullied by the vulgar men’s violent play falls to the meat jar for cum shot. It is birth
of pitiful lower slut who only creeps and writhes.


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Tokyo Hot n0331 The Slut Hunting – Natsumi Kato

Tokyo Hot n0331 The Slut Hunting - Natsumi Kato

東京熱 n0331 女子校生強制連行鬼輪カン
“The Slut Hunting”
Natsumi Kato
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 加藤奈津美 —

Let us introduce the new game called slut hunting that everyone can enjoy in this time though the game that enjoys moving the body like Wii sports etc. is popular. It is possible to play easily if there is the super and a fresh slut body. NATSUMI KATO is a serious student. A slender body and atmosphere that seems to be saucy provoke a man. On certain day, she becomes prey of hunting on the way back to home and is placed under house arrest. It is a start of the cruel game that thoroughly insults out until woman who opposes and tries to escape completely surrenders and becomes silent.

Wⅱスポーツ等身体を動かして楽しむゲームが人気ですが今回は誰にでも楽しめる新しいゲーム・女体ハンティングをご紹介。極上で新鮮な女体があれば簡単にプレイ可能です。 加藤奈津美は真面目な女子高生。スレンダーな肢体と生意気そうな雰囲気が男を挑発します。ある日帰宅途中の路上でハンティングの餌食になり強制的に軟禁されます。 抵抗し逃げ惑う女が完全に屈服し沈黙するまで徹底的に嬲り尽くす極悪非道なゲームの始まりです。

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Tokyo Hot n0330 Noriko Collapse – Noriko Miyajima


東京熱 n0330 肉奴隷宙吊り発狂輪カン死
“Noriko Collapse”
Noriko Miyajima
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 宮島紀子 –

Though the commodity with high return includes the stocks and the foreign loan, etc. compared with the savings interest rate, it introduces slut body investment with much return than it in this time. NORIKO MIYAGIMA is a woman of lovely atmosphere. The round face with the charm is also attractive. It collapses the mind and body because of a disgrace insulting that is suddenly abducted a certain day and is made to men’s playthings. She was trained completely into obedient meat slave who has the ability only serving.


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Tokyo Hot n0328 The Young Lade and Steward – Yumi Takano


東京熱 n0328 令嬢無惨輪カン精液下克上
“The Young Lade and Steward”
Yumi Takano
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 高野夕美 —

Though the woman who is pulchritude with a talented woman is a person for which everyone yearns, it is not few that they had a grudge unexpectedly as for jealousy and so on. Slender beautiful slut YUMI YAKANO is a rich princess and a neat, elegant atmosphere drifts from the whole body. However, she is resented unjustly by man and falls into the predicament. She fall a victim to men and only runs about trying to escape without knowing the way to opposes. The appearance from which a beautiful woman is made in thoroughly and ugliness is the marvelous.

才媛で容姿端麗なお嬢様は誰しも憧れる存在ですが嫉妬や妬み等で意外と恨まれている場合も少なくありません。スレンダー美人の高野夕美はお金持ちのお嬢様。 全身から清楚で上品な雰囲気が漂います。しかし周りの人間に逆恨みされ窮地に。鬼畜達の毒牙に掛かり抵抗する術も知らず逃げ惑うのみ。 綺麗な女が徹底的に醜く汚される様子は最高です。

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Tokyo Hot n0306 Fall from Elegant Life – Akane Serizawa

Tokyo Hot n0306 Fall from Elegant Life - Akane Serizawa

東京熱 n0306 炉雌狐血祭懺悔無視輪カン
“Fall from Elegant Life”
Akane Serizawa
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 芹澤あかね —

The fraud as wire fraud, acts to raise the stock prices of own company than appropriateness and so on threatens our life by a skillful trick. It is a content of the document style that approached the realities of the fraud this time. AKANE SERIZAWA is a woman impostor who drifts lascivious atmosphere. The lip which shows a slight half-opening that always gets wet is indecent, too. A lot of men have been cheated up to now by the erotic pheromone and money has been picked off. However, consideration of having done a bad thing is none at all. It is natural that the wrath of Heaven falls to such a terrible woman. The woman who has led a lavish life by money obtained unjustified is thoroughly insulted. It treats like the dust cloth and punished her as crime cannot be ever made.  

振り込め詐欺や自社の株価を適正以上に吊り上げる行為等詐欺は巧妙な手口で我々の生活を脅かします。今回は詐欺の実態に迫ったドキュメント風の内容。 芹澤あかねはスケベな雰囲気が漂う女詐欺師。常に湿っている半開き気味の唇も卑猥です。そのエロフェロモンでこれまで多くの人間を騙して金を毟り取ってきました。 しかし悪い事をしたという意識は皆無。こんな酷い女には天罰が下って当然。不当に得た金で贅沢三昧してきた女を徹底的に陵辱。ボロ雑巾の様に扱い二度と悪事が働けない様鉄柱を加えてやりました。

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Tokyo Hot n0290 The Meat Slave – Misa Yosano


東京熱 n0290 巨乳女子大生玩弄汁飼育
“The Meat Slave”
Misa Yosano
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 与謝野美沙 –

There is a sexual harassment in reverse that the woman approaches a man while an increase in sexual harassment becomes a problem, too. In that case, there are a lot of cases which there are some kind of plots as a woman takes money away from a man under pretense of love. MISA YOSANO who has the attractive glamour body is a female college student with dynamite tits. A credit is not enough due to MISA has played much and she plan to get a credit from a professor under pretense of love. However, she does not get so well. It is fingered with the body by insulting exhaustively after she having been played her dynamite tits, and the last was diminished to a meat slave.

セクハラの増加が問題となっている一方で女が男に迫る逆セクハラもあります。その場合女が色仕掛けを使って男からお金を奪う等何らかの企みがあるケースは少なくありません。 グラマーな肢体が魅力的な与謝野美沙は巨乳女子大生。遊んでばかりいたため単位が足りず色仕掛けで教授から単位を貰おうと画策。しかしそう上手くはいきません。 巨乳を弄られた挙句陵辱に継ぐ陵辱で肉体を貪り尽くされ最後は肉奴隷へと貶められました。

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Tokyo Hot n0288 The Saucy Slut – Saori Toda


東京熱 n0288 粉砕高慢RQ汚濁汁鬼注入
“The Saucy Slut”
Saori Toda
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 戸田さおり –

A Happy New Year!! TOKYO HOT delivers the contents that should answer your expectation this year vigorously, too. Well, the first content at New Year is SAORI TODA of the campaign girl. There is a minimum rule also in the world of the model of meritocracy. When the greeting and consideration for the staffs are negligent, a long-lived activity cannot be done even if very popular. Tall slut SAORI of a preeminent style is new face campaign girl. Though SAORI is beautiful, she cannot make a straight greeting and make only a saucy attitude. SAORI who held such a person in derision should thoroughly strangle it. It tears up pride to shreds by a insulting and the thing that she was a low animal was driven in.

実力主義のモデルの世界でも最低限のルールがあります。挨拶や周りのスタッフへの気配り等がいい加減だと幾ら人気があっても息の長い活動は出来ません。 長身でスタイル抜群の戸田さおりは新人のキャンギャル。超美形ですがまともな挨拶も出来ない上に生意気な態度。こんな人を馬鹿にした様な女は徹底的に締め上げる必要があります。 激しい陵辱でプライドをズタズタに引き裂き自分が下等な動物だという事を叩き込んでやりました。

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