Tokyo Hot n0079 Cum Shower Service – Yui Yoshii


東京熱 n0079 輪カンスッチー汁漬け脚線美
“Cum shower service”
Yui Yoshii
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 吉井ゆい —

The beautiful slut Yui Yoshii who has the wonderful leg line appears. She put on the flight attendance costume in this time. This is including hard contents as fellatio, continues fellatio, continues vaginal cum shot, cum shower and so on and it make you much excitement. TOKYO HOT loves to insult for the woman of occupation of yearning.

身長166センチ、スラリと伸びた脚線美がたまらない吉井ゆいが登場。 モデル体型にスッチー衣装がバッチリ似合ってます。手こき&フェラ・強制連続フェラ・生カン・輪カン連続中出し・拘束連続ぶっかけ等ハードな内容にドキドキ、ワクワク。 東京熱スタッフって憧れの職業の女を目茶目茶にするのって大好きなんですね。まあ、男なら高嶺の花を陵辱するというパターンが嫌いなはずはありませんか。

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Tokyo Hot n0078 The Kinbaku 2 – Kaori Abe


東京熱 n0078 緊縛生輪カン飲精肉奴隷
Kaori Abe
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 安倍かおり —

The TOKYO HOT delivers suitable content for renewal again in this time, the lovely face slut shows from compulsion masturbation to bully play with rotor toy, compulsion gang fellatio, bind rope play and fucking. Moreover, it is a content of TOKYO HOT that becomes four compositions and is different for a moment from the current. Kaori ABE of 20 years performed. She had an innocent face but shows very hard job as raw fuck, vaginal cum shot, continues mouthful cum shot and drank that semen were carried out one after another. Please enjoy it by all means because it is content doubtfully that such a lovely slut really achieves such a great special achievement.

炉利顔でナイズバディーの可愛い子が強制オナニーから始まりローター責め、集団強制フェラ・ 緊縛吊りから輪カンファックで甚振られる緊縛シリーズ、東京熱では第二弾となる縛り系の超ハードコア作品を特別4部構成にてお送りします。出演してくれた女の子は安倍かおりちゃん(20歳)。あどけない顔をしてとってもハードな事を次々とこなしてくれました。 生ハメ・中出しはもちろんの事で連続口内発射されたザーメンを飲んでしまう偉業も達成。 本当にこんな子が・・・と疑ってしまうほどスペシャルな陵辱をご堪能下さいませ。

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Tokyo Hot n0081 Wonderful Style Slut – Rika Kagaku

Tokyo Hot n0081 Wonderful Style Slut - Rika Kagaku

東京熱 n0081 綺麗なお姉さんは生輪カン
“Wonderful style slut”
Rika Kagaku
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 加額理香 —

How do you enjoy the long night of autumn? It is lovely with short cut hair and the wonderful style slut RIKA KAGAKU who is introduced in this time. RIKA seems like a neighboring beautiful lady and it feeling good. Well, such a woman has fall to a venom fang such as start from outdoor fellatio play to lotion play, toy play, cum shower 4P sex party and so on. Though it is quite obvious if you see this, RIKA is bullied by a new version of six compositions. Please see this by all means, because a content of this slightly different from the passed one.

皆さん、秋の夜長楽しく過ごしてますか!?今回紹介しますは某隣国のジウ姫にソックリの加額理香だ!ショートカットだけど可愛くてスタイルもバッグン。 綺麗なオネーさんって感じがこれまたイイ。いや~こんな女が野外フェラから始まってローションプレイ・バイブ遊び・ぶっかけ・4P輪カン生中出しと毒牙に掛かってしまいました。 見て頂ければ一目瞭然なんですが、6部構成のニューバージョンで理香を責め立ててます。今までとはちょっと違った味が出ていますので是非見て下さい。

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Tokyo Hot n0076 The Semen Cocktail – Ren Hoshikawa


東京熱 n0076 中出し!膣内攪拌生輪カン
“The semen cocktail”
Ren Hoshikawa
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 星川れん —

Appearing in the first content after renewal the site is REN HOSIKAWA who has beautiful leg and hip. She just became 20 years old and fall a prey to TOKYO HOT. REN was made to new experience with play that she never have done before such as four compulsion fellatio, 4P play, and vaginal cum shower party. REN of super lascivious slut reaches acme many times in this content.

サイトリニュアルの第一弾に登場するは美脚でヒップが最高の星川れん。20歳になったばかりで東京熱の餌食になってしまった。 強要4本フェラ・4P・中出し輪カンなど今までに味わった事の無いプレイをれんにブチかましてみました。超エロエロギャルのれんはこの作品の中で何回もイキまくるぞ。

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Toyko Hot n0112 A Lovely Slut – Miyo Kasuga


東京熱 n0112 特濃鬼畜汁膣内充満溢出
“a lovely slut”
Miyo Kasuga
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 香菅みよ —

MIYO KASUGA who is the best selection of in this month is appears. Even she is young Fellatio is shown from the beginning to the classmate in the locker room at the school. Moreover, her sucking is so lascivious. It gets excited by the appearance to suck the cannon meat cock abruptly while sounding a lewd sound. It is made the suck teachers’ cock in the group at the classroom and it gets excited again. Moreover it get excited for the appearance of MIYO who put on school uniform and is put raw cock and writhe. And then, MIYO was made continues vaginal cum shot at the end. It is jealous for the brute who handles such a lovely slut like the toy.

今月一押しの香菅みよちゃんは19歳で萌え度150%の女の子と言えます。のっけから学校のロッカールームで同級生相手にフェラを展開。 しかもそのおしゃぶりタイムが超エロい事。卑猥な音を響かせながらパクパクと怒張した肉棒を咥える姿に萌え。 教室でおやじ先生達の汚いチンポを集団で咥えさせられ萌え。そして制服姿のまま生チンポをハメられ悶える姿に萌え。 そして輪カン生中出しで犯されてしまう香菅ちゃん。こんなカワイイ子をオモチャのように扱う鬼畜軍団にシットしていまいます。

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Tokyo Hot n0105 A Mature Meat Urinal – Mimei Morinaga


東京熱 n0105 熟女!ロート直結流し込み
“A Mature Meat Urinal”
Mimei Morinaga
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 守永未明 —

This content is a series of Meat Urinal that forgot to be edited in the content that had been taken before. MEMEI MORINAGA who performed office lady of the frustration was exhausted and it held out. Our devil brute team who play the part of worker make insult play as much as they can think and make her to screaming and exhausted.

熟女を出してほしいというリクエスト、結構あるので「肉便器シリーズ」で仕立ててみました。 男日照りで欲求不満の熟女OL役で出演してくれた熟女は守永未明32歳。 その未明を社員に扮する鬼畜軍団がアヘアヘ言わし絶叫させ陵辱の限りの事をして弄びました。

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Tokyo Hot n0104 Everyone’s Madonna – Akane Midorikawa


東京熱 n0104 中出しマンコ立位攪拌潮
“Everyone’s Madonna”
Akane Midorikawa
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 緑川茜 —

AKANE MIDORIKAWA who fell a prey this time is a lovely slut who has been scouted by our capable scout man. It is a blow of a satisfaction after a long time. AKANE has the lovely face and style, moreover she does not lose her modesty, she is such a great 19 years slut. Our great devil brute bullies such AKANE again in the group. Moreover, the things such as gangbang party, continues vaginal cum shot, cum shower party and so on is able not to be seen.

みなさんお久しぶりです、木村っす。今回の餌食になった子は俺の兄貴分がスカウトしてきた超激マブ娘の緑川茜ちゃんだ!いや~久々の会心の一撃ですよ、茜ちゃんは。 顔は可愛いしスタイルもバッグン、しかもスレてなく非常にイイ娘で19歳ときたもんだ。こんな娘をまたまた東熱鬼畜軍団が集団で犯ってしまうんです。 しかも乱交・生中出し輪カン・集団ぶっかけなんて…滅多に見れるモノじゃありませんよ、皆さん。

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Tokyo Hot n0893 Cute Urinal Girl – Tsubasa Honda


東京熱 n0893 人気絶頂娘転落東熱穢汁
“Cute Urinal Girl”
Tsubasa Honda
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 本多翼 —

Tsubasa Honda is a looks good of short cut hair and cute uniform girl. She has G cup breast and glamorous body. She is a cute charming girl who has feel nymphomaniac. Her body is high level and sensitive. She has not so much experience but easy to get wet vaginal juice by little stimulation. She has had acme while fuck with dirty unknown guys. She is no immunity to cock, so that why she become to be meat urinal as easy. Finally she grad to guys who have cum inserted to her vaginal. She became to be idiosyncrasy that cannot stop masturbation.


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Tokyo Hot n0092 A Neat Nymph – Mayura Serizawa


黒髪清楚系少女の悲劇 | Tokyo-Hot 東京熱 n0092
Model Mayura Serizawa
Play Gang bang Toys Oral Masturbation Creampie Squirting
Theme New Original Movie
Label Tokyo-Hot
Release Date 2005/12/06
Duration 01:11:11
Product ID n0092

出演者 芹沢まゆら
プレイ内容 3P~複数プレイ オモチャ・異物挿入 フェラ オナニー 中出し 潮吹き
シリーズ 撮りおろし徹底陵辱ビデオ
レーベル 東熱
配信開始日 2005/12/06
収録時間 01:11:11
作品番号 n0092


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Tokyo Hot n0050 Foolish and Trendy – Aya Seto


生カン女子校生中出し肉道具 | Tokyo-Hot 東京熱 n0050
Model Aya Seto
Play Gang bang Toys Oral Creampie Squirting
Theme New Original Movie
Label Tokyo-Hot
Release Date 2005/02/25
Duration 01:14:41
Product ID n0050

出演者 瀬戸彩
プレイ内容 3P~複数プレイ オモチャ・異物挿入 フェラ 中出し 潮吹き
シリーズ 撮りおろし徹底陵辱ビデオ
レーベル 東熱
配信開始日 2005/02/25
収録時間 01:14:41
作品番号 n0050

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