Tokyo Hot n0341 The Fucking Talent – Sayaka Kinoshita

Tokyo Hot n0341 The Fucking Talent - Sayaka Kinoshita

蒟蒻人参ザーメン甘蕉 | Tokyo-Hot 東京熱 n0341
Actress Sayaka Kinoshita
Theme New Original Movie
Category Creampie Gangbang Toys speculum irrumatio(irrumation) food in pussy Outdoors speaking erotic word ignoring entreaty She wants a creampie
Release Date 2008/06/30
Duration 01:13:55
Product ID n0341

出演者 木下さやか
シリーズ 撮りおろし徹底陵辱ビデオ
カテゴリ 中出し 輪姦中出し オモチャ責め クスコ膣内見せ イラマチオ マンコに食物入れ 野外 淫語 中出し拒み無視 中出しおねだり
配信開始日 2008/06/30
収録時間 01:13:55
作品番号 n0341

The power of the belonging office relates greatly more than individual ability of person in talent’s world. There is the success of the talent only after there is the great backup of the office. Sayaka Kinoshita is a new face talent model. An attractive pupil that charms a man and a slender body are enough nature of the model. However it is in the villainy office that she belonged where cheated woman of the talent wish and fingered body. SAYAKA who doesn’t know anything immediately becomes the prey of insult play. It is an end of a pitiful woman who believed that she can become a star.


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Tokyo Hot n0352 The Bukkake – Sayaka Kinoshita


東京熱 n0352 鬼汁 – 木下さやか
“The Bukkake”
Sayaka Kinoshita
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

鬼汁 – 木下さやか
— 木下さやか —

If the crime is committed, the punishment is given. “The Bukkake” waits in a saucy woman. SAYAKA KINOSHITA of a slender model was pushed down in the cruel hell on earth of which cornered woman goes mad after experience of near death. It is a concentrated fire of total 57 cum shot in the vagina and the face after thoroughly stirring and insulting in the pussy and the mouth. Consideration is blown off on the way to a hard play for the long time and she becomes no reactive completely though SAYAKA opposes a beginning. Is such a cruel taking a picture permitted?

罪を犯せば罰が。生意気な女には「鬼汁」が待っています。追い詰められた女が臨死体験の末発狂する非道な生き地獄に今回はスレンダーなモデル美女の木下さやかを突き落としました。 オマンコと口内を徹底的に掻き回して陵辱した挙句膣内と顔面に合計56発もの大量ザーメン集中砲火。 木下は最初のうちこそ抵抗しますが長時間に及ぶハードなプレイに途中から意識が飛んで全く無反応に。こんな酷い撮影が許されるのでしょうか!

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