Hot Debut Collection Vol 1 – Hiyori Shiraishi (RED-001)

Hot Debut Collection Vol 1 - Hiyori Shiraishi (RED-001)

ホットデビューコレクション1 (白石ひより)
Starring: Hiyori Shiraishi
Studio: Red Hot Collection
Series: Hot Debut Collection
Genre: Uncensored Student Uniform Handy Camera Famous Names Nice Tits Busty Nice Ass Oral Cum Shots Pretty Face
SKU#: RED-001
Release Date: 05/2/2005

出演者: 白石ひより
スタジオ: Red Hot Collection
シリーズ: ホットデビューコレクション
ジャンル: 完全無修正 セーラー服 ハメ撮り・主観映像 人気女優 美乳・素敵なオッパイ 巨乳・爆乳・超乳 美尻・ケツがいい 口内射精 美少女・カワイイ系
SKU番号: RED-001
発売日: 05/2/2005

Some guys like girls that play hard to get. In this case Hiyori Shiraishi is one of them Asian whores. Come on, this is not High School anymore. She pays dearly for her behavior with a cock right up to her face. After the cock is flashed in her face, then you could see her true colors. This bitch rides the fuck out of cocks and all it took was on mother fucker.


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