Tokyo Hot n0318 The Dynamite Tits Model – Maki Hamada

Tokyo Hot n0318 The Dynamite Tits Model - Maki Hamada

東京熱 n0318
“The Dynamite Tits Model”
Maki Hamada
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 濱田マキ —

Though the good looking woman requests various the one from a man, it has many few cases for looks or the money of the man. MAKI HAMADA is a popular active model. MAKI is tall and have a dynamite tits though she is slender and also an owner of beautiful leg. It is the man that what MAKI expects loves her substance. A brute team approaches MAKI who separates lover who just interested in her dynamite tits and depresses it in a skillful word and tempts her and thoroughly stirred in the pussy. The pleasure that pushes down the woman who only prattles as truth love and etc. to the meat urinal where semen is suited well is special.  

外見が良い女は付き合う男にも色々なものを求めてきますがそれは相手のルックスやお金等では無い場合が数多くあります。濱田マキは超人気の現役モデル。 スレンダーながら形の良いFカップ巨乳に長身で美脚。完璧なルックスの持ち主です。マキの望むのは自分の中身を愛してくれる男。巨乳にしか興味が無い 恋人と別れ塞ぎ込むマキに鬼畜軍団が言葉巧みに近付き誘惑。オマンコの“中身”を徹底的に掻き回してやりました。真の愛等とほざくルックスだけの女をザーメンの良く似合う 肉便器へと突き落とす快感は格別です。

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Tokyo Hot n0263 The Fucking Gym – Maki Ninomiya


東京熱 n0263 カンフー女中出しKO乱打汁
“The Fucking Gym”
Maki Ninomiya
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 二宮真紀 –

It is heard that various schools like aerobics, the jazz dance, and swimming, etc. prosper. Though user’s purpose is various as health maintenance and train one’s body, the female member goes mainly for dieting. Moreover, the woman who does a martial art of boxing, wrestling, karate and so on for dieting is not unusual either. MAKI NINOMIYA who has the attractive tightened body and beautiful tits do karate not a diet but considerably in full scale. The purpose is a thing to knock down hateful men. We waited such a strong-minded and impertinence woman. It is a role of the Tokyo heat to make fucking without reserve and surrender for the woman of masculine. It returns to an original appearance of the woman who never make to revolt against a man.

エアロビクス、ジャズダンス、スイミング等様々なスクールが繁盛してます。身体を鍛える、 健康維持等ユーザーの目的は様々ですが女性会員は主にダイエットのため通っています。またダイエットのためボクシング、拳法、 レスリング等の格闘技をやる女性も珍しくありません。引き締まったボディと美乳が魅力的な二宮真紀はダイエットではなくかなり本格的に拳法をやっています。 目的は何と憎い男達を叩きのめす事。こういう生意気で気の強そうな女を待っていました。 男勝りのメスを思う存分に廻し屈服させるのが東京熱の役目です。メス本来の姿に戻し二度と男に歯向かえない様にしてやります。

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Cum Inside World Excite (BD-M01)(Blu-Ray)


中出しワールド EXCITE : 星優乃・浜崎ひめ・倖田るり・水森あおい・小峰由衣・小日向葵 (Blu-ray)
Starring: Yuuna Hoshi, Hime Hamasaki, Ruri Kouda, Aoi Mizumori, Yui Komine, Aoi Kohinata
Studio: AMORZ
Series: Mugen
Genre: Uncensored Beautiful Pussy Nice Tits Cream Pie Busty Net tights Slim, Slender Digest/Combine Sexy Leg Blu-ray Disc
SKU #: BD-M01
Release Date: 12/28/2007

出演者: 星優乃, 浜崎ひめ, 倖田るり, 水森あおい, 小峰由衣, 小日向葵
スタジオ: AMORZ
シリーズ: Mugen
ジャンル: 完全無修正 美マン 美乳・素敵なオッパイ 生中出し 巨乳・爆乳・超乳 網タイツ 細身・スレンダー 総集編・オムニバス 美脚・キレイな足 ブルーレイ・ディスク
SKU番号: BD-M01
発売日: 12/28/2007


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Tokyo Hot n0271 A Wreck of Idol – Megumi Ishikawa


東京熱 n0271 グラドル転落輪カン精液塗レ死
“A Wreck of Idol”
Megumi Ishikawa
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 石川めぐみ –

It is only the limited the number of years that people can play an active part in the sports such as exercises or the sprint including martial arts such as the boxing. It cannot be in the active parts when the body becomes weak with the age. A similar thing applies to the gravure idol. The expiration date is only several years for them. It is the very important strategies that how they break between those days and become the talent and the actress, etc. MEGUMI who decorated on a lot of gravures and has healed men is a gravure idol in a popular height. She has already thought about the following development with the manager in the office. MEGUMI who wants to change over to the actress will work in the cabaret club in which the person related to the television gathers a lot. MEGUMI expected to conduct a sales campaign there, but she is requested the devil play. Please enjoy pitiful appearance of MEGUMI who is teased by many brute.

ボクシング等の格闘技を始めスポーツでは活躍出来るのは限られた年数だけです。年齢と共に体力が衰えると現役ではいられません。 同様の事がグラビアアイドルにもあてはまり、彼女達の場合賞味期限はほんの数年。その間にどのようにしてタレントや女優等に脱皮を図るかが重要な戦略になります。 これまで数多くのグラビアを飾り男達を癒してきた石川めぐみは人気絶頂のグラビアアイドル。既に事務所のマネージャーと共に次の展開を考えています。 女優に転身したい石川はテレビ関係者が多く集まるキャバクラで働くことに。 そこで自分を売り込むはずが番組のレギュラーを餌に鬼畜プレイを強行されます。大勢に嬲り廻される石川の哀れな姿を楽しんで下さい。

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Tokyo Hot n0285 The 30 Cum Shooter – Hitomi Nishikawa


東京熱 n0285 限界輪カン鬼中出し30連発
“The 30 cum shooter”
Hitomi Nishikawa
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 西川ひとみ –

It is not limited to the animal and the same thing also in the human society that man fights mutually to get the slut. If it is the super slut, the fight is keener. The fight breaks out between fans though the nymph HITOMI NISHIKAWA is the housemaid idols who hold a lot of fans. HITOMI is delighted to see the appearances of men who are scrambling for herself. However, it was a scary trap of the TOKYO HOT style said the thorough bully while she relaxed one’s guard against feelings of goodness. Is NISHIKAWA faintly and ego a collapse by the continuous 30 vaginal cum shot of angry waves??

メスを得るためオス同士が争うのは動物に限らず人間社会でも同じ事。それが極上のメスともなれば争いはさらに熾烈です。 炉利系美少女・西川ひとみは多くのファンを抱えるメイドアイドルですがファンの間で争いが勃発。西川は自分を取り合う男達の姿を見て御満悦。 しかしそれは良い気分にさせ油断した隙に徹底的にヤッてしまおうという東熱流の怖い罠でした。怒涛の連続30発の生カン中出しに西川は息も絶え絶え自我崩壊か!?

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Tokyo Hot n0284 The Insult – Chizuru Yokokawa


東京熱 n0284 スレンダー崩壊黒黄連合輪カン
“The Insult”
Chizuru Yokokawa
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 横川ちづる –

Even if the bullied child changes school and an unpopular person put on expensive clothes, child is still bullied and popularity doesn’t go out after all. It is very difficult to change circumstances. CHIZURU YOKOKAWA of office lady is an owner with slender limbs and attractive beauty leg. There is the dark past insulted by superiors in the background though she changed her job this time. However, CHIZURU is insulted after all by the office that changed her job. The foreigner’s cannon cock act to the pussy that greatly opened. Please enjoy the sublime insulting.

いじめられっ子が転校してもいじめられたりモテない人が高価なブランド物の服を着てもやっぱりモテなかったり。自分の境遇を変える事はなかなか出来ません。 OLの横川ちづるはスレンダーな肢体と魅力的な美脚の持ち主。今回転職しましたがその背景には黒人の上司達に廻された暗い過去が・・・。 しかし転職した先でもやっぱり廻されてしまいます。黒人のデカマラで大きく拡げられたオマンコに容赦無い連続生カン!壮絶な陵辱が展開。

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Tokyo Hot n0281 Mission in Pussy – Asami Niikura

東京熱 n0281 大量自白強要汁膣穴注入
“Mission in Pussy”
Asami Niikura
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 新倉麻美 –

It is necessary to always set up an antenna to the trend and so on of consumer needs and the society so that the enterprise may continue earnings. It is more important to know the trend of the rival enterprise and huge man power and the capital have been spent to obtain the information. ASAMI NIIKURA is beautiful office lady who drifts the erotic pheromone. ASAMI performs espionage to offer information of the own company to the boyfriend working in the rival company in the back. However, she is suspected and the spirit and the body are driven in to the breaking point by the received cruel villainy torture.

企業が収益を持続するには消費者のニーズや社会の動向等に常にアンテナを張る必要があります。さらにライバル企業の動向を知る事も重要でその情報を得るため大きな労力と資金を費やしています。 エロいフェロモンが漂う新倉麻美は美人OL。ライバル会社に勤務する彼氏に自社の情報を提供するスパイ活動を裏で行っています。 しかし嫌疑をかけられ受けた極悪非道な拷問で精神と肉体を極限状態まで追い込まれていきます。

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Tokyo Hot n0283 The Semen Flash – Aya Nishikawa


東京熱 n0283 女子アナ輪カン汐留汚濁汁
“The Semen Flash”
Aya Nishikawa
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 西川彩 –

The things that admission to a school by unfair means and get a job through connections are never disappear. Though feelings are understood, it is oneself that has a hard time after all when coming in the place far apart from ability. Slender beautiful slut AYA NISHIKAWA is a new announcer of the TOKYO HOT Television. Ability shortage is clear though she was possible to become an announcer because of backup of the director of a bureau. Additionally, there is a large happening while live broadcasting. Electric wave Jack is done by the burglar who intrudes into to the studio and AYA is fucked by all members in the bureau after all. Please enjoy the appearance that new slut announcer is insulted and reduced to the meat urinal.

裏口入学にコネ入社。気持ちは分かりますが実力とかけ離れた所に入ってしまうと結局苦労するのは自分自身です。スレンダー美人の西川彩は東熱テレビの新人アナウンサー。 局長のバックアップでアナウンサーになれたものの実力不足は明らか。おまけに生放送中に大ハプニング。スタジオに乱入した強盗に電波ジャックされ彩は成り行きで局内の全員に廻されるハメに。 女子アナが陵辱され肉便器へと成り下がる様子をお楽しみ下さい。

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Tokyo Hot n0282 The Storm of Semen – Tomomi Nonomura


東京熱 n0282 洗礼業界汁鬼輪カン札の辻
“The storm of semen”
Tomomi Nonomura
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 野々村智美 –

The work of advertising agency is hard. However, the salary is high and the entrusted work is big if becoming major and it is a popular occupation. TOMOMI NONOMURA who looks like a model and in attractive smile is a talented girl at a famous women’s university that works part-time as major advertising agency “TOKYO HOT”. However, TOMOMI made a lot of mistake in the work and is frequent scolded by the superior. Therefore, the training of specialty of the company will be taken. It is body insult education as TOKYO HOT style. TOMOMI is played abruptly by all staffs of company and the ego collapses.

広告代理店の仕事はハードです。とはいえ大手ともなれば給料は高く任される仕事も大きいので人気の職業です。 モデルかと思うほどのルックスで笑顔が魅力的な野々村智美は大手広告代理店「TOKYO-HOT」でバイトする有名女子大の才媛。 ですが、仕事のミスが多く上司に叱られることもしばしば。そのため会社名物の研修を受けることに。それは東熱流肉体陵辱教育。 社内全員にやられまくられ自我が崩壊していきます。

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Tokyo Hot n0309 The Lewd Slut Dentist – Seiko Kitajima

Tokyo Hot n0309 The Lewd Slut Dentist - Seiko Kitajima

東京熱 n0309 セレブ粉砕!羽交締鬼輪カン
“The Lewd Slut Dentist”
Seiko Kitajima
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 北嶋聖子 —

It is the position, honor, and money. The woman who has money seems to depend and the tendency to be strong though the woman requests various the one from a man. SEIKO KITAJIMA who emits erotic pheromone from the lascivious pupil is beautiful woman dentist. A slender fair body and the beauty leg are attractive. She is just interesting in the rich man and she does not examine for the poor ignore the patients who come for the dentist. However, the anger of patients who raged at the SEIKO’s attitude that saucily and revolts a man explodes. It abducted SEIKO in the hospital and make fuck until go to crazy. The fact only of not money the necessity for the woman who is so conceited in spite of an impertinent meat slave with a fool but cock was inculcated. 

地位、名誉、金。女は男に対して色々なものを求めますが金を持っている女はよりその傾向が強いようです。スケベそうな瞳からエロフェロモンを放つ北嶋聖子は美人歯科医。 色白のスレンダーな肉体と美脚が魅力的です。金持ちの男以外は眼中に無く診察に来る貧乏な患者達など相手にしません。 しかし聖子の生意気で男を不快にする態度に激怒した患者達の怒りが爆発。病院内に拉致して気が狂うまで輪カン。 馬鹿で生意気な肉奴隷のくせにお高くとまる女に必要なのはお金ではなくチンポだけという事実を教え込んでやりました。

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