Tokyo Hot n0320 Dear Chris – Chris Takizawa


東京熱 n0320 バイリンギャル言語不要輪カン
“Dear Chris”
Chris Takizawa
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 瀧沢クリス —

It is requested from an international sense that the commodity and money come and go in worldwide at the present period. However, do not forget there is a Japanese original rule in Japan. CHRIS TAKIZAWA of a preeminent style is a returnee. It adds to an attractive beauty leg, erotic pheromone that drifts from the whole body captivates a man. CHRIS is hang to the poisonous fang of atrocious army corps at the very beginning of return home, and she is cheated that it is the education in order to become Race Queen and is made fuck & vaginal cum shot. It was a tragic end that waited for CHRIS to whom the body had been thoroughly trained without understanding anything.

モノやカネがワールドワイドで行き交う現代においては国際的な感覚が求められます。しかし日本には日本独自のルールがあることも忘れてはいけません。 スタイル抜群の瀧沢クリスは帰国子女。魅力的な美脚に加え全身から漂うエロイフェロモンが男を悩殺します。 帰国早々極悪軍団の毒牙にかかりRQになるための教育だと騙され無理矢理生カン中出し。何も分からないまま徹底的に肉体調教されたクリスを待っていたのは無残な結末でした。

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Tokyo Hot n0287 The Meat Jar Doll – Yuki Naito


東京熱 n0287 芸界肉便器膣壊最終処理
“The Meat Jar Doll”
Yuki Naito
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 内藤由貴 –

It is common that popular gravure idol decreases the work with swimming wear and to devote to actress business. However, the gravure idol who doesn’t sell tends to head for an extreme direction as like hair nude and so on. YUKI NAITO is a sexy beauty gravure idol who has attractive white skin. Though there is an element of which popularity goes out enough, she still cannot be popular. Then, this was a first step to the fall though a drastic image change was attempted. An extreme image where the beauty idol falls into a mere meat jar doll is must see. At the beginning, it is the photo session of YUKI. However, gathered fans are only two people. YUKI is directed to go in the erotic style in the future by the president at the review meeting after the photo session.


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Tokyo Hot n0286 The Teacher and Pupil – Yuka Yasuhara


東京熱 n0286 精子炉汚染校内廻しブッカケ
“The Teacher and Pupil”
Yuka Yasuhara
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 安原優花 –

It is story of teacher and pupil’s love romances in this time. It is the themes that often taken up by the movie and the novel, etc. YUKA YASUHARA is a schoolgirl who loves her math teacher. The appearance that sees teacher in class absorbedly seems a single-minded girl and is lovely. However, such pure love is a quick change to the insult drama when TOKYO HOT takes it. After YUKA is trampled down the faint love, the body is devoured by the devils in the school and she is driven in.

教師と教え子の恋愛。映画や小説等でもよく取り上げられるテーマです。安原優花は数学の教師に恋心を抱く女子高生。授業中先生を見てウットリする姿は一途な女の子という感じで可愛いです。 しかしそんな純粋な恋愛も東熱にかかると陵辱ドラマに早変わり。優花は淡い恋を踏み躙られた挙句学校中の鬼畜達に肉体を貪り尽され追い込まれます。

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Tokyo Hot n0273 The Conceited Slut – Narumi Watase


東京熱 n0273 高慢令嬢天罰精液大注入
“The conceited Slut”
Narumi Watase
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 渡瀬成美 –

The only daughter is almost selfish because she is indulged and is grown up. If it is the rich president daughter, she is given all the things wanting since she was child and in addition, it is natural life that the servant does anything. There is some exception, but mostly rich daughter is selfish, and self-assertion is intense and it is one’s character that is not satisfied unless she does it just as wanted. NARUMI WATASE of college student is tall slender beautiful woman of the height 168cm. She is the president daughter that father manages the company. The arrogant behavior to drive the servant of some hard with a chin with a selfish only daughter has an intolerable thing. The arrogant behavior to drive the servant of some hard with a chin has an intolerable thing. However, the anger that employees accumulated explodes at a certain day. The president daughter who is arrogant with impertinence fell to a meat slave of one of them which belonged to a bottom layer after she was stripped off the clothes of the high-quality brand, and having been insulted thoroughly.

一人娘は甘やかされて育っているためわがままです。それが金持ちの令嬢ともなれば小さい頃から欲しいものを全て与えられさらに 使用人が何でもしてくれるのが当たり前。金持ちのお嬢様というものは大抵自分勝手で自己主張が激しく自分の思い通りにしないと気が済まない性格です。 女子大生の渡瀬成美は身長168cmの長身スレンダー美人。父親が会社を経営する社長令嬢です。わがままな一人娘で何人もの使用人を顎で扱き使う傍若無人な振る舞いは目に余るものがあります。 しかしある日使用人達の蓄積した怒りが爆発。 生意気で高慢な社長令嬢が高級ブランドの洋服を剥ぎ取られ徹底的に犯された挙句最下層に属する一匹のメス奴隷へと転がり落ちました。

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Tokyo Hot n0274 The Love Juice Slut – Hitomi Nishikawa


東京熱 n0274 無限潮噴き中出し混合汁
“The Love Juice Slut”
Hitomi Nishikawa
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 西川ひとみ –

It is said that the times when it was common that a wage and a reward are decided by seniority were over. And the principle of result is demanded for these past several years. Though the reward improves according to achievement is good, but if the achievement is bad, the reward is downed. HITOMI NISHIKAWA who is lovely looks with an attractive miniskirt appearance is suddenly selected the team leader of a new project from the receptionist. However, company was given great damage due to her mistake. It is insulting of the hell to have waited for HITOMI who valued the repulsion of subordinates after she took responsibility, and having been performed to a body offer. An obscene spectacle which is made to blow a large amount of joy juice many times with it having been firmly inserted a cock in the sensitive pussy must see !

賃金や報酬が年功で決定されるのが一般的だった時代が終わったと言われています。そしてここ数年は成果主義が叫ばれています。 業績が良いとそれに応じて報酬もアップしますが業績が悪いとダウン。魅力的なミニスカート姿に可愛らしい顔立ちの西川ひとみは受付嬢から 突然新規プロジェクトのチームリーダーに大抜擢されます。しかし西川のミスが原因で会社に大損害を与える結果に。責任を取り肉体提供を余儀なくされた 挙句部下達の反発も買った西川を待っていたのは地獄の女体陵辱。 敏感なオマンコにチンポをズッポシとハメられたまま何度も大量の潮を吹かされる卑猥な光景は必見!

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Tokyo Hot n0296 Go to Hell – Tomomi Nonomura

東京熱 n0296 寿退職阻止輪カン祝汁懐妊
“Go to Hell !!”
Tomomi Nonomura
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 野々村智美 –

The teacher is one of the occupations that the difference between men and women is comparatively small in pay and the promotion. Therefore it is said that with a few mistresses quitting work by marriage and the pregnancy. TOMOMI NONOMURA is a female teacher with sensual body. The bust to which elasticity is abundant is attractive. A selfish action in the state of leaving pupils is not permitted at all though the marriage retirement is determined. The body was made a laughingstock and sent off to hell by the farewell party of the TOKYO HOT Style.

教師は賃金や昇進で男女間格差が比較的小さい職業のひとつ。そのため結婚や妊娠で仕事を辞める女教師は少ないと言われています。 野々村智美は肉感的なボディの女教師。弾力に富むバストも魅力的です。 結婚退職を決意しますが教え子達を残したままの身勝手な行動は到底許されません。東熱流の送別会で女体を嬲り地獄へと送り出してやりました。

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Tokyo Hot n0272 The Super Sex Club – Kanade Motomura


東京熱 n0272 大量汚濁精液に沈むウブ娘
“The Super Sex Club”
Kanade Motomura
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 本村奏 –

There are various kinds of sex clubs. There is the cheap shop while there is the expensive shop. Because there is a difference of the content of service depending on an individual type of business, though it wouldn’t say that it is general that well service and beautiful girl is on the register in the shop where charges high price. Moreover, there are not a lot of numbers are existed but there are sex club of high priced to surpass high-level fuck shop, too. It is the member club as like secret circle. The slender slut KANADE MOTOMURA who has the attractive smile that heals a man receives the interview of a secret members club. Members of the club go into raptures at the new figure’s appearance. The villainy play of man who doesn’t know extend is repeated and innocent body of KANADE is tear up.

風俗店には様々な種類があり高級ソープ等高額な料金のお店がある一方でピンサロや覗き部屋の様な安価なお店もあります。 業種によりサービス内容の違いがあるため一概には言えませんが高いお店にはサービスが良く美人の女の子がいるのが一般的。 また数は多くありませんが高級ソープを凌ぐ程高額な秘密サークル的な会員制のお店も存在します。男を癒す笑顔が魅力的な スレンダー炉利系の本村奏は会員制秘密クラブの面接を受けます。 クラブの会員達は新人の登場に狂喜。加減を知らない男達の容赦無い極悪プレイが繰り返され奏の初心な肉体は引き裂かれていきます。

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Queens Sex Excite (BD-M03)(Blu-Ray)


クィーンセックス エキサイト – AVアイドル6人の厳選名場面 : 青木瀬奈, 黒澤エレナ, 瞳めい, おおきゆい, 緒川みずき, 吉川萌 (Blu-ray)
Starring: Aoki Sena, Erena Kurosawa, Mei Hitomi, Yui Ooki, Mizuki Ogawa, Moe Yoshikawa
Studio: AMORZ
Series: Mugen
Genre: Uncensored No Condom/Skin Cream Pie Blu-ray Disc
SKU #: BD-M03
Release Date: 01/28/2008

出演者: 青木瀬奈, 黒澤エレナ, 瞳めい, おおきゆい, 緒川みずき, 吉川萌
スタジオ: AMORZ
シリーズ: Mugen
ジャンル: 完全無修正 生姦・ゴム無し 生中出し ブルーレイ・ディスク
SKU番号: BD-M03
発売日: 01/28/2008


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Tokyo Hot n0295 The Fucking Toy – Mika Yazaki


東京熱 n0295 女教師恐喝輪カン圧巻尿曝
“The Fucking Toy”
Mika Yazaki
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 矢崎美佳 –

Though copulation is started immediately after courtship in animal’s world, man spends some time to make love after o courtship. Why is time spent so much on making love to the woman?? The TOKYO HOT get rid of your such resentment in this time. MIKA YAZAKI who thickly hangs erotic pheromone in the air is a female teacher. The body is also attractive. MIKA is confessed by the colleague and refuses saucily at once. Such a joking woman should trap to the hell. The devils brute concentrated to drive in MIKA to the predicament.

動物の世界では求愛後直に交尾を始めますが人間は求愛してセックスまで何か月も掛かる場合があります。メスとハメるだけに何故そんなに時間が掛かるのか!?今回はそんな皆さんの憤りを東京熱が解消しました。エロフェロモンを濃厚に漂わす矢崎美佳は女教師。 ムッチリボディも魅力的です。同僚に告白されますが生意気にも即拒否。こんなふざけた女は地獄に陥れる必要があります。美佳を窮地に追い込むため鬼畜達が集結しました。

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Tokyo Hot n0294 The Super Model – Izumi Mori


東京熱 n0294 輪カンモデル系転落落涙霞町
“The Super Model”
Izumi Mori
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 杜泉 —

The model’s being able to take an active part in the front line is a limited period. Afterwards though changing her course to the actor and the talent, etc. is general, the work does not enter only by saying style preeminence and tall. IZUMI MORI is a beauty model with preeminent style. Her beauty leg is also attractive. Though IZUMI changes over to broadcasting business world and wish to become the announcer but it is not easy so much. The woman who is made much of only by the fact that looks are good and is made misunderstood was made to re-recognize the thing that she is only in the meat urinal simultaneously severely of work.

ファッションモデルが第一線で活躍出来るのは限られた期間です。その後は俳優やタレント等への転身が一般的ですが長身でスタイル抜群というだけでは仕事は入りません。杜泉はスタイル抜群の美形モデル。美脚も魅力的です。テレビ業界に転身しアナウンサーを志望しますがそんなに簡単ではありません。 ルックスが良いというだけでチヤホヤされ勘違いした女に仕事の厳しさと同時に自分が肉便器にしか過ぎない事を再認識させました。

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