Tokyo Hot n0285 The 30 Cum Shooter – Hitomi Nishikawa


東京熱 n0285 限界輪カン鬼中出し30連発
“The 30 cum shooter”
Hitomi Nishikawa
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 西川ひとみ –

It is not limited to the animal and the same thing also in the human society that man fights mutually to get the slut. If it is the super slut, the fight is keener. The fight breaks out between fans though the nymph HITOMI NISHIKAWA is the housemaid idols who hold a lot of fans. HITOMI is delighted to see the appearances of men who are scrambling for herself. However, it was a scary trap of the TOKYO HOT style said the thorough bully while she relaxed one’s guard against feelings of goodness. Is NISHIKAWA faintly and ego a collapse by the continuous 30 vaginal cum shot of angry waves??

メスを得るためオス同士が争うのは動物に限らず人間社会でも同じ事。それが極上のメスともなれば争いはさらに熾烈です。 炉利系美少女・西川ひとみは多くのファンを抱えるメイドアイドルですがファンの間で争いが勃発。西川は自分を取り合う男達の姿を見て御満悦。 しかしそれは良い気分にさせ油断した隙に徹底的にヤッてしまおうという東熱流の怖い罠でした。怒涛の連続30発の生カン中出しに西川は息も絶え絶え自我崩壊か!?


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