Tokyo Hot n0284 The Insult – Chizuru Yokokawa


東京熱 n0284 スレンダー崩壊黒黄連合輪カン
“The Insult”
Chizuru Yokokawa
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 横川ちづる –

Even if the bullied child changes school and an unpopular person put on expensive clothes, child is still bullied and popularity doesn’t go out after all. It is very difficult to change circumstances. CHIZURU YOKOKAWA of office lady is an owner with slender limbs and attractive beauty leg. There is the dark past insulted by superiors in the background though she changed her job this time. However, CHIZURU is insulted after all by the office that changed her job. The foreigner’s cannon cock act to the pussy that greatly opened. Please enjoy the sublime insulting.

いじめられっ子が転校してもいじめられたりモテない人が高価なブランド物の服を着てもやっぱりモテなかったり。自分の境遇を変える事はなかなか出来ません。 OLの横川ちづるはスレンダーな肢体と魅力的な美脚の持ち主。今回転職しましたがその背景には黒人の上司達に廻された暗い過去が・・・。 しかし転職した先でもやっぱり廻されてしまいます。黒人のデカマラで大きく拡げられたオマンコに容赦無い連続生カン!壮絶な陵辱が展開。


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