Tokyo Hot n0271 A Wreck of Idol – Megumi Ishikawa


東京熱 n0271 グラドル転落輪カン精液塗レ死
“A Wreck of Idol”
Megumi Ishikawa
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 石川めぐみ –

It is only the limited the number of years that people can play an active part in the sports such as exercises or the sprint including martial arts such as the boxing. It cannot be in the active parts when the body becomes weak with the age. A similar thing applies to the gravure idol. The expiration date is only several years for them. It is the very important strategies that how they break between those days and become the talent and the actress, etc. MEGUMI who decorated on a lot of gravures and has healed men is a gravure idol in a popular height. She has already thought about the following development with the manager in the office. MEGUMI who wants to change over to the actress will work in the cabaret club in which the person related to the television gathers a lot. MEGUMI expected to conduct a sales campaign there, but she is requested the devil play. Please enjoy pitiful appearance of MEGUMI who is teased by many brute.

ボクシング等の格闘技を始めスポーツでは活躍出来るのは限られた年数だけです。年齢と共に体力が衰えると現役ではいられません。 同様の事がグラビアアイドルにもあてはまり、彼女達の場合賞味期限はほんの数年。その間にどのようにしてタレントや女優等に脱皮を図るかが重要な戦略になります。 これまで数多くのグラビアを飾り男達を癒してきた石川めぐみは人気絶頂のグラビアアイドル。既に事務所のマネージャーと共に次の展開を考えています。 女優に転身したい石川はテレビ関係者が多く集まるキャバクラで働くことに。 そこで自分を売り込むはずが番組のレギュラーを餌に鬼畜プレイを強行されます。大勢に嬲り廻される石川の哀れな姿を楽しんで下さい。


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