Tokyo Hot n0325 The Secretary – Maya Nishioka

Tokyo Hot n0325 The Secretary - Maya Nishioka

東京熱 n0325 3穴串刺輪カン直入れ⑯連発
“The Secretary”
Maya Nishioka
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 西岡麻耶 —

The competition of the enterprise grows more intense, too as with the diversification of consumer needs. The skill that advanced and various more than present is requested also to the working employee. MAYA NISHIOKA of a preeminent style is a college student of the secretary wish. MAYA is a beautiful woman of calm atmosphere and remains in the final interview of the major company. However, the president does what president wants to do taking advantage of weakness of a woman in a hurry in the job scarcity. In addition, she is cheated to make the employee pleasant with the secretarial work and state fucked by all members of the staff. The cock is inserted even by anal and she faints in agony in the end. The college slut who is serious with clear brain was insulted thoroughly, and she was diminished to a meat doll.  

消費者のニーズが多様化するのに伴い企業の競争も激化。働く社員にも従来に増して高度で多様なスキルが求められています。スタイル抜群の西岡麻耶は秘書志望の女子大生。落ち着いた雰囲 気の美人で大手企業の最終面接に残ります。しかし就職難で焦る麻耶の弱みにつけ込み社長はやりたい放題。さらに社員を気持ち良くさせる事も秘書の仕事と騙され社員全員に廻される有様。 挙句アナルにまで無理矢理チンポを捻じ込まれ悶絶。真面目で頭脳明晰な女子大生が徹底的に辱められ汚い肉人形へと貶められました。


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