Tokyo Hot n0324 The Miserable Fuka – Fuka Wakamatsu

Tokyo Hot n0324 The Miserable Fuka - Fuka Wakamatsu

東京熱 n0324 薄幸牝中出し土下座奴隷
“The Miserable Fuka”
Fuka Wakamatsu
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 若松風香 —

There is a price to a thing appearing in the market entirely, but the reasonable price is set naturally to a thing had dealings in a black market. The slut body is not an exception. FUKA WAKAMATSU who drifted the masochist atmosphere from the whole body was sold by the lover. Though she seem to have less luck originally, it want to bully more and want to drive into her when look at the expression that seems to be uneasy The fact that has arisen only to become devils’ prey is pointed at the FUKA and look down, in addition, in order to throw away her all the life in the future, cruel insult was made. Please enjoy the woman sold in the body market falls very pitifully.  

市場に出回る物には全て値段がありますが闇市場で取引される物にも当然適正な価格が付けられています。女体とて例外ではありません。マゾッ気が全身から漂う若松風香は恋人に売られました。 もともと幸薄そうな女ですがその不安そうな表情を見るとさらに苛めて追い込みたくなります。鬼畜達の餌食になるためだけに生まれてきた事実を脅える風香に突き付けて貶めさらに今後の人生全てをもぎ取るため酷い陵辱を強行しました。 女体市場で売られた女が如何に哀れに転落していくかを存分にお楽しみ下さい。


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