Tokyo Hot n0111 A Simple Country Girl – Suzuka Kobayashi


東京熱 n0111 失禁懲罰東京熱残酷物語
“a simple country girl”
Suzuka Kobayashi
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 小林涼香 —

The target in this time whom our local scout has found is RYOKA KOBAYASHI of a slender slut. She is a simple country girl who spoke with a local accent a little. RYOKA has fallen a prey this time on fitting in to the art of talking of the scout. She is brought to the some place as incomprehensible and has received baptism of our brute. RYOKA has been made doing it unexpected at the end.

今回木村が見つけてきたのは京都からでてきたばかりのスレンダー女、涼香。ちょっと訛ったところが素朴な感じでイイ。今回はこの涼香が木村の話術に嵌まってしまい 訳が分からないまま現場に連れて来られ東熱ブヨブヨ鬼畜軍団の洗礼を浴び昨日まででは考えられなかったとんでもないことをさせられたというコワーイお話。


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