Tokyo Hot n0322 The Semen Falls – Miku Ichinose

Tokyo Hot n0322 The Semen Falls - Miku Ichinose

東京熱 n0322 アイドル系大量精液子宮直撃
“The Semen Falls”
Miku Ichinose
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 一之瀬美久 —

There seem to be a lot of cases that even a talent with having appeared on television sometimes does not have work, and is free. MIKU ICHINOSE is a nymph whom the housemaid clothes suit well and a former TV talent. MIKU is invited to a skillful word as it is work of taking a picture when she finds time unmanageable and walk the town and is confined and taken. After MIKU is surrounded by brute and having lost a refuge, she is fucked suddenly and ejaculates. Though MIKU who doesn’t understand the content of taking a picture at all abruptly opposes, it followed that it instigated excitement of men more adversely. The appearance that the freshness and naive body that is just captured is made due to a large amount of semen and seems to rot away endures neither misery nor seeing.  

何度かテレビに出演した事のあるタレントでも仕事が無く暇な場合が少なくないようです。一之瀬美久はメイド服が良く似合う炉利系美少女で元TVタレント。 暇を持て余して街を歩いている所を撮影の仕事だと言葉巧みに誘われ拉致監禁されます。鬼畜達に囲まれ逃げ場を失った挙句突然生カンされ絶叫。 撮影の内容を全く把握していない美久は激しく抵抗しますがそれが逆に鬼畜達の興奮にさらに火を点ける結果に 。捕獲したばかりの新鮮で初心な女体が大量毒汁で汚され朽ち果てていく様子は悲惨過ぎて見るに耐えません。


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