Tokyo Hot n0289 The Meat Urinal – Makoto Nanjo


東京熱 n0289 高圧女上司3穴陵辱牝豚化
“The Meat Urinal”
Makoto Nanjo
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 南条真琴 –

There is no existence that gets angry in a saucier woman superior. If it is particular about a careful thing even if it scolds a subordinate immediately, it is the worst. MAKOTO NANJO who has the attractive slender body is a career office lady of the section chief. MAKOTO scolds her subordinates with a slow work always severely. However, such an outrageous woman is a quick change for the obedient slave if she hangs in the hand of the TOKYO HOT. It is thoroughly bullied and trains abruptly for the beautiful woman and sadistic superior who likes to serve to man. It finished her up in meat urinal that was able to use the pussy and anal.

生意気な女上司ほど腹の立つ存在はいません。細かい事にうるさく直に部下を罵るともなれば最悪です。スレンダーな肢体が魅力的な美人・南条真琴は課長職のキャリアOL。 仕事の遅い部下達をいつも厳しく叱責します。しかしそんな不届きな女も東京熱の手にかかれば従順な奴隷に早変わり。男に奉仕させる事が大好きなSっ気の美人上司を徹底的に苛め抜き激しく調教。オマンコもアナルも使用可能な肉便器に仕上げました。


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