Tokyo Hot n0319 The Eternity Meat Slave – Reiko Terada

Tokyo Hot n0319 The Eternity Meat Slave - Reiko Terada

東京熱 n0319
“The Eternity Meat Slave”
Reiko Terada
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 寺田玲依子 —

The Race Queen with preeminent style has the invitation of work like the film experience etc, on the other side it is heard that there are a lot of mistress solicitations from the potentate, too. Slender beautiful slut REIKO TERADA is Race Queen. A body of a preeminent style and a long leg shine in the circuit. Though REIKO is liked by the owner in the office and it develops even into mistress’s story, after that, she makes use of owner’s power and haughty as she like. However, she gets carried away too much. To reflect on the despise@attitude, not only the pussy and the mouth but also anal was closed and bullied.  

スタイル抜群で美人のRQには映画出演等仕事の誘いがある一方で有力者からの愛人勧誘も多いと聞きます。スレンダー美人の寺田玲依子は現役RQ。 スタイル抜群の肢体と長い美脚はサーキットで映えます。事務所のオーナーに気に入られ愛人の話にまで発展しますが玲依子はそれ以降オーナーの威光を笠に威張り放題。 しかし調子に乗り過ぎました。舐めた態度を反省させるべくオマンコと口だけでなくアナルも塞いで苛め抜きました。


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