Tokyo Hot n0283 The Semen Flash – Aya Nishikawa


東京熱 n0283 女子アナ輪カン汐留汚濁汁
“The Semen Flash”
Aya Nishikawa
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 西川彩 –

The things that admission to a school by unfair means and get a job through connections are never disappear. Though feelings are understood, it is oneself that has a hard time after all when coming in the place far apart from ability. Slender beautiful slut AYA NISHIKAWA is a new announcer of the TOKYO HOT Television. Ability shortage is clear though she was possible to become an announcer because of backup of the director of a bureau. Additionally, there is a large happening while live broadcasting. Electric wave Jack is done by the burglar who intrudes into to the studio and AYA is fucked by all members in the bureau after all. Please enjoy the appearance that new slut announcer is insulted and reduced to the meat urinal.

裏口入学にコネ入社。気持ちは分かりますが実力とかけ離れた所に入ってしまうと結局苦労するのは自分自身です。スレンダー美人の西川彩は東熱テレビの新人アナウンサー。 局長のバックアップでアナウンサーになれたものの実力不足は明らか。おまけに生放送中に大ハプニング。スタジオに乱入した強盗に電波ジャックされ彩は成り行きで局内の全員に廻されるハメに。 女子アナが陵辱され肉便器へと成り下がる様子をお楽しみ下さい。


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