Tokyo Hot n0236 The Race Queen – Sayuri Kanzaki


東京熱 n0236 爆乳美脚RQ中出し大精液
“The Race Queen”
Sayuri Kanzaki
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 神崎さゆり –

The gratitude for all of the people who are usually taken care of concerned as like a client or a customer is important. The world of a gorgeous Race Queen is also similar. The activity that more close to the fan and the sponsor, etc. is important. A steady activity will connect the truth in the future because of this business is full of ups and downs. SAYURI KANZAKI is a Race Queen of a great popularity. However, there is a present position supported by not her own power but various people. And, it is a turn this time that SAYURI gives a reward. Let’s make people to enjoy much by the offering body of the best without fault as dynamite tit and beauty leg.

どんな仕事にも当てはまりますが取引先や顧客等日頃お世話になっている方々に対する感謝の気持ちが大切です。華やかなRQの世界も同様。 ファンやスポンサーにより密着した活動が重要。浮き沈みの激しい業界だからこそ地道な活動が将来実を結ぶことになるのです。神崎さゆりは人気絶頂のRQ。 しかし自分だけの力ではなく色々な方々に支えられて現在の地位があります。 そして今度は神崎がお礼をする番。巨乳・美脚と申し分の無い極上ボディを皆様に提供し存分に楽しんで頂きましょう。


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