Tokyo Hot n0179 As a “AAA” Race Queen – Ai Tanaka


東京熱 n0179 特上女をナマ輪カン鬼中出し
“as a AAA Race Queen”
Ai Tanaka
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

— 田中愛 —

Ai Tanaka is powerful tits Race Queen of a preeminent style with 171cm height. Though she becomes a teacher and is still shallow on the day, the activity in the future can be expected from the lascivious atmosphere and good proportion. Whether the Race Queen can take an active or not is really depending on the belonging office, and the office that AI belonging is well known office as usual. It is an office of old standing where a lot of Race Queens have been sent off to the world up to now though notoriety is variously high. Such one day, the president of the office courts as becoming the mistress. The chance of Race Queen might not be able to be gotten if she refuses. It is hard insults that out of expectation wait AI who is reluctantly at president’s beck and call. Is AI crushed before she is realized as a Race Queen?? 

田中愛は身長171cmスタイル抜群の巨乳RQ。RQになってまだ日は浅いがそのプロポーションの良さとエロい雰囲気から今後の活躍が期待できる。 RQが活躍できるかどうかは所属事務所に因るところが大きいが愛ちゃんが所属するのは例の事務所。何かと悪名は高いもののこれまで数多くのRQを世に送り出してきた老舗。 そんなある日事務所の社長に愛人になれと言い寄られる。断ればRQの仕事をまわしてもらえないかもしれない。 仕方なく社長の言いなりになる愛ちゃんに待っていたのは想像を絶するハードな陵辱。RQとして日の目を見る前に潰されてしまうのでしょうか!?


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