Tokyo Hot n0499 Semen Treatment – Monami Yuki


東京熱 n0499 鬼カンクリニック審美膣穴汁
“Semen Treatment”
Monami Yuki
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 2.72GB

– 優木もなみ –

There is the dentist of the topic to gather patients by a unique therapeutic method. It is the TOKYO HOT dental clinic where MONAMI YUKI of slender & beauty Bakunyu works. The patient surges and it is a great commotion at the day of which the voluptuous MONAMI takes charge. It is not only a reason that a woman is attractive. There was a special secret treatment in the TOKYO HOT dental clinic though the examination fee is expensive. It is fucking treatment to vomit all the semen collected in the body. However, there are men who become serious in MONAMI and become the stalker also come out one after another in spite of treatment. It is fucked by incomprehensible men in the group and the pussy is beyond recovery at the last. It is basic to offer the slut body free of charge. Such thing is happen because it takes the examination fee etc.

ユニークな治療方法で患者を集める話題の歯科医があります。スレンダーで美巨乳の優木もなみが勤務する東熱歯科医院です。セクシーな優木が担当する日は患者が押し寄せ大変な騒ぎ。 優木が魅力的だからという理由だけではありません。東熱歯科医院には診察料は高額ですが特別な秘密治療がありました。身体に溜まったザーメンを全て吐き出させる生カン治療です。 しかし治療にもかかわらず優木に本気になりストーカー化する男達も続出。最終的に訳の分からない男達に集団で輪カンされマンコが再起不能に。女体は無料で提供するのが基本。 診察料など取るからこんな事になるのです。


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