Desire Vol 2 – Yukina Mori (MUD-02)


Desire 2 (森ゆきな)
Starring: Yukina Mori
Studio: AMORZ
Series: Desire
Genre: Asian, Japanese, Dildos/Vibrators, Oral (Cumshots), Orgy (Group Sex), Cunnilingus, SexSex
SKU#: MUD-02
Release Date: 10/02/2009

出演: 森ゆきな
スタジオ: AMORZ
シリーズ: Desire
ジャンル: アジア物 , 日 本 人 物 , オモチャ, フ ェ ラ ( 射 精 ) , 乱交, クンニ, ノーマルセックス
SKU#: MUD-02
発売日: 10/02/2009

The volume 2 of Desire series, presented by Mugen entertainment!! Enjoy Yukina Mori’s hot and steamy hardcore action here. Nothing but the hottest booty girl! Her pussy got completely shaved! Watch those giant toys sliding in and out her shaved pussy and anal at the same time!! Fucking and pounding is more intense than ever!




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