Tokyo Hot n1259 Tokyo Hot Piss Play Special Part 1


東熱激情 黄金聖水おしっこ特集 part1 | Tokyo-Hot 東京熱 n1259
Actress Rei Komiyama, Yuki Shiratori, Mari Yamada, Saori Takamiya, Yuma Furukawa, Mai Satsuki, Maria Fujisawa, Mai Kuramoto, Aika Sakurai, Yui Kawai, Yukino Sakurazawa, Miku Kuriyama, Akemi Kyono, Reika Ayanami, Junna Akimoto, Misaki Inaba, Tsubasa Okina
Theme New Original Movie
Category Piss
Release Date 2017/10/10
Duration 00:31:16
Product ID n1259
File size 1.33GB

出演者 小宮山怜, 白鳥ゆき, 山田まり, 高宮沙織, 古川由摩, 桜月舞, 藤沢マリア, 倉本舞, 桜井愛華, かわいゆい, 桜沢雪乃, 栗山未来, 京野あけみ, 綾波レイカ, 秋元純菜, 稲葉みさき, 沖那つばさ
シリーズ 撮りおろし徹底陵辱ビデオ
カテゴリ 小便
配信開始日 2017/10/10
収録時間 00:31:16
作品番号 n1259

Thank you for all ways watching Tokyo Hot porn video series. What do you think that if you can see beauty porn stars piss? When she is pissing at front of you, her feel like very shame. But she cannot endure piss. That is very nice meat slave for you isn’t it? We made special video for editors version at this time. Pleas enjoy watch it as master.


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Tokyo Hot n0098 A Night Club Slut – Akemi Kyono

Tokyo Hot n0098 A Night Club Slut - Akemi Kyono

東京熱 n0098 キャバ嬢騙して生中出し
“A night club slut”
Akemi Kyono
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 1.89GB

— 京野あけみ —

A Happy New Year for everyone. TOKYO HOT will be more powerful in 2006 as well as 2005, please expect and enjoy yourself. The first content in 2006 that present from New Year’s Day is insult content with performed by AKEMI KYONO. As she was born in the country side, it is very fresh that AKEMI speaks with an accent. Also this is debut content of AKEMI of amateur. It succeeded in making AKEMI who was working at Night Club perform by the roll of notes. It seems that a sensational event without what received by the life of 20 years is experienced as compulsion masturbation, fellatio party, raw fucking party and vaginal cum shot and she will be as a splendid meat slave in the night club hostess.

2006年明けましておめでとうございます。元旦早々から贈る東熱の陵辱作品の第1弾は北海道生まれの京野あけみちゃんだ。 東熱デビューの素人さんでスカウトマン木村が捕まえてきた子、撮影現場に慣れていなくキョロキョロしているところが初々しい。キャバクラで働いているあけみちゃんを札束でビンタして出演に相成りました(笑)。 強制オナニー・集団フェラ・生カン・乱交・輪カン・生中出しと20年間の人生で受けたことの無いセンセーショナルな出来事を経験 して立派な肉奴隷キャバクラ嬢として生きていくのではないかと思われます(爆)。

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