Tokyo Hot n1258 Tokyo Hot Cum Shooters Special Part 1


東熱激情 恥さらし ぶっかけ特集 part1 | Tokyo-Hot 東京熱 n1258
Actress Maya Tsubaki Shiho Nakanishi Rina Shibuya Mai Kuramoto Kanon Kaduki Yukino Sakurazawa Yaya Matsushima Miku Kuriyama Hitomi Aizawa Tsubasa Okina
Theme New Original Movie
Category Bukkake Pussy Bukkake
Release Date 2017/10/10
Duration 00:53:48
Product ID n1258
File size 2.29GB

出演者 つばき摩耶 中西志保 渋谷りな 倉本舞 香月かのん 桜沢雪乃 松嶋耶弥 栗山未来 藍澤ひとみ 沖那つばさ
シリーズ 撮りおろし徹底陵辱ビデオ
カテゴリ 顔に精液 マンコぶっかけ
配信開始日 2017/10/10
収録時間 00:53:48
作品番号 n1258

Thank you for all ways watching Tokyo Hot porn video series. We going to show you that special video which is editors version with included unpublished scene. Please don’t miss it. Many beauty porn stars have fuck and cum shoot from devil guys. They had cover face by devils sperm with feel afraid. When they want to escape from devils, that already time to late. They will offering beautiful body for devils as Meat urinal in life time. That is nobody imagined this Sutation.


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Tokyo Hot n0048 Set Me Free! – Maya Tsubaki

Tokyo Hot n0048 Set Me Free! - Maya Tsubaki

東京熱 n0048 高飛車モデル・監禁汁懲罰
“Set Me Free!”
Maya Tsubaki
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 1.74GB

— つばき摩耶 —

Maya Tsubasa appearing again in our TOKYO-HOT, think that many of you was getting excited by the many of the insult scene of the Maya who was come from model and acted Race Queen at the last content. This second series will show that Maya becomes in a high-handed manner and give a brute a kick, however, Maya went to the room with the devil brute. Maya was exposed the storm of semen by the men at the end and will be seen the Maya who lives slave’s life. Though this is made up the fiction content as the crime element, there are many excited scene as RAW FUCKING, VAGINAL CUM SHOT, INSULT PUSSY TOY PLAY with hand/foot bind and GANGBANG. Please get excited by the route in which saucy MAYA is made an obedient slave greatly.

前回、モデル出身の「つばき摩耶」の陵辱の数々に興奮された方も多いと思います。 今回は本人そのものの高飛車女になり男を足蹴にする役どころ。しかしながら極悪男に拉致され牢獄に監禁されて最後には 汁男達によるスペルマーの嵐を浴びてしまい愛奴の人生を歩んでいくメス豚姿を晒します。妄想風に作り上げたフィクションですが、 生ハメ・生中出し・手足拘束の玩具オマンコ陵辱プレイ・ギャンバンとクソ生意気な摩耶を従順な奴隷にしていく有様は圧巻です。

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Toyko Hot n0113 Adios! Maya – Maya Tsubaki

Toyko Hot n0113 Adios! Maya - Maya Tsubaki

東京熱 n0113 高慢女医・拘束三穴汁懲罰
“Adios! Maya”
Maya Tsubaki
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 1.88GB

— つばき摩耶 —

The originator saucy slut of MAYA TSUBAKI whom our company excavated will leave this business world at last. And therefore, she will decorate the retirement with our company at her earnest request. The end of MAYA who becomes most appearance in the history of TOKYO HOT attaches to a heroic word. The cock is inserted in the hole of all holes and MAYA was drank the all the semen that splashed. The self-conceitedness attitude that performs first have gone to where ? Because the thing to make the saucy slut is made to surrender is natural things of TOKYO HOT and therefore it is can not be helped.

東京熱発掘の元祖ナマイキ娘のつばき摩耶チャンがとうとうAV界を去ることになりました(泣)。なので彼女たっての希望で東京熱で引退を飾る事になりました。東京熱史上最多出演になる摩耶チャンの最後は『壮絶』の一言につきます。穴という穴にチンポをブチ挿し込まれて放出され飲ザーまでさせられてしまいます。 あの最初に出演した高慢な態度は何処へ行ったのでしょう!?まあ生意気な女を屈服させる事が当たり前の東京熱ですからしょうがないか(笑)。

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Tokyo Hot n0036 Sluttish Model – Maya Tsubaki


東京熱 n0036 生意気モデル・精液生懲罰
“Sluttish Model”
Maya Tsubaki
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 2.36GB

– つばき摩耶 –

It is the long piece content by being divided into a two-part in this time. Maya Tsubaki who is a model with experience of the former Race Queen appears on this video. She has the wonderful slender style with 170cm height and has beautiful leg. The TOKYO-HOT make sport of such Maya Tsubaki, if it says simply well, at the pussy insult play by toy, ball gag is put in her mouth and it shows to the inner part of her pussy deeply. It exposes not only urethra mouth & cervix by close up but also vagina meat and wall as well. This is the first public presentation!


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