Tokyo Hot n0090 Race Queen – Yuri Suzuki

Tokyo Hot n0090 Race Queen - Yuri Suzuki

東京熱 n0090 東熱沈没人生終了RQ
“Race Queen”
Yuri Suzuki
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 1.87GB

— 鈴木悠里 —

The model to be the Race Queen several years ago has been made to perform to TOKYO HOT again. However, the guarantee of the Race Queen and the model who is not positioned in AAA class seems to be cheap now and therefore negotiation was quite easily done. Without understanding what kind of hard thing waits at all, cock of a man of the first meeting is sucked and made raw fuck. Moreover, she was treated as like public lavatory as gangbang, vaginal cum shot and cum shower. It might be a thing not thought about if it is time when she has been Race Queen. Yuri SUZUKI who performs to us this time seems little foolish and surely she never thinks such hard play was waited.

173cmでスレンダー完璧モデル体型の鈴木悠里、また東熱がRQ女をオトしてしまいました。RQなんて派手な世界とは裏腹にギャラ安いらしいです。 そのくせ見栄をはるので借金地獄、まあそれでコッチ側に沈没するわけですが(笑)。しかし大金を稼ぐにはリスクはツキモノ。右も左も判らずに初対面の男のチンポを咥えさせられ生ハメされる…..。 しかも乱交・輪カン・中出し・ブッカケと公衆便所扱いされてしまうんですから、 RQや撮影会のお仕事では考えられなかった事でしょう!今回の鈴木悠里もまさかこんなハードプレイが待っていたなんて思いもよらなかったらしいです。「あま~い」ですね!!


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