Tokyo Hot n0082 A Borrowing Girl – Yuu Miduki

Tokyo Hot n0082 A Borrowing Girl - Yuu Miduki

東京熱 n0082 極悪!返済手段は馬鹿女
“A Borrowing Girl”
Yuu Miduki
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 1.59GB

— 水月ゆう —

There is often a thing said that it will prostitute the body for the debt of a man for a long time. Yuu Miduki who performed this time is a talk that she is insulted by wicked financial shop to the guarantee of foolish boyfriend’s loan, too. Though such a woman falls in love with a foolish man and to be made her heartaches because the mother’s love is strong, however a selfish delusion that this foolish man becomes not better if I am not with him is drawn. There is no such convenient woman for a man.

男の借金の為に身体を売ると言う事は昔からよくあります。今回出演してくれた水月ゆうもダメ彼氏の借金の形に極悪金融屋に弄ばれてしまうというお話です。 この手の女は母性愛が強いせいかダメ男に惚れてしまい身も心もボロボロにされてしまうのですが「自分が居なくてはこの人はもっとダメになる」などと勝手な妄想を描くのです。 男にとってこんなに都合のいい女はいないですね。



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