Tokyo Hot n0070 Meat Urinal Ayaka Part 2 – Ayaka Kaneko

Tokyo Hot n0070 Meat Urinal Ayaka Part 2 - Ayaka Kaneko

東京熱 n0070 あやかは生カン肉便器Part2
Ayaka Kaneko
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 683MB

— 兼子あやか —

It is long waited part 2 of AYAKA KANEKO, many of raw fuck play can be seen finally. The cock stab into her pussy abruptly at the Standing Back, Face to Face/Backward Woman on Top posture. AYAKA received nerd guest’s thick cock deeply in her pussy and abruptly wiggle body, your excitement and erected lever will rise up rapidly with out doubtful. It moves to the mat and, this time, the thick cock of the boast is inserted by missionary posture so that the manager may have the spirit of service memorized in her body. And it returns from the doggie back to missionary posture and made mouthful cum shot. Nerd guest inserted his raw cock continuously and made vaginal cum shot. And semen effuse in the vagina of the pink color momentarily at the time of pulled out the cock and her pussy is convulsive. Such lovely Bunny has been conquered. Then, Skurai type speculum appears there. Please look at clearly the semen that remains in the interior in the vagina that break opened. The climax is holding of the cum shower festival by the regular guest. Her hand was bound and surrounded by the squalid naked brute, and thick semen is poured aiming to her face one after another. AYAKA who gives appreciative words every time poured has already been becoming splendid Meat Urinal completely. Her face fully covered as eyes are not opened by the semen shower of 20. Thus, AYAKA who works for sexual club will be kept as splendid Meat Urinal. Do not you try to visit TOKYO HOT Club to watch Meat Urinal ?

待ちに待った兼子あやかパート2。いよいよ生ハメSEXプレイの数々が見れます。立ちバック、 対面・背面騎乗位で激しくオマンコにチンポが突き刺さります。オタク客の極太を根元まで咥え込みよがりまくる姿に萌え度も勃起度も急上昇。 マットに移って今度は店長が奉仕の誠心を身体に覚えこませるために自慢のデカマラを正常位でナマでグサリ。バックスタイルから正常位に戻り口内発射。 続いてオタク客にナマ挿入され膣奥深くに中出しされてしまう。チンポを引き抜いた瞬間にピンク色の膣中からド炉利とザーメンが流れ出してあやかのオマンコはヒクヒク轢く付く。 こんな可愛いバニーちゃんを征服してしまいました(笑)。そこで登場するは桜井式クスコだ。膣壁をこじ開け膣内の奥に残ったザーメンをバッチリ拝んで下さい。 クライマックスは常連客によるブッカケ祭りの開催だ。手を縛られすっ裸のむさ苦しい男達に囲まれ恐怖に慄く中、 容赦なく次々にあやかの顔目掛けて濃厚なザーメンがぶっ掛けられる。掛けられる度に感謝の言葉をするあやかは、 もう立派な肉便器に成り切ってます。20発のザーメンは顔がテカテカになり目も開けられないほどの量だ。 こうしてお触りパブに勤めるあやかは立派な肉便器として飼われていく事になる。貴方も肉便器あやかを見に東熱パブを訪れてみませんか(爆)


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