Tokyo Hot n0049 Meat Urinal – Yui Kawai

Tokyo Hot n0049 Meat Urinal - Yui Kawai

東京熱 n0049 かわいゆい・涙の生肉便器
“Meat Urinal”
Yui Kawai
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 2.18GB

— かわいゆい —

How our TOKYO-HOT fan doing in this cold winter time ? Even it is cold weather, your crotch will be heated up every day ? ! This time, we show you the first series of the “Meat Urinal(Human Toilet)”. YUI KAWAI who is very popular as the young pretty slut is appearing for this time. You may be not understood what is the “Meat Urinal(Human Toilet)”, it is not expressed by the any word, but if it expresses daringly, it is a Terribly Wonderful. YUI is just treated as public toilet. Various things are done for such a lovely slut and it is sure that you may be excited, erected, and keep masturbation time. There are raw fuck, toy play and vaginal cum shot as our standard course, and in addition, YUI serve for 4 cocks by her mouth, 3P play, 26 continues cum shot for her face and tits and etc. Pretty slut YUI was bullied for 82 minutes. It is a new series of TOKYO-HOT that enchants to a hard-core fan apart from the pretty girl mania. Please enjoy and make excite to look at this.

東京熱ファンの皆様、寒い冬が続いておりますが股間の方は熱くさせていらっしゃいますでしょうか? 今回の作品は「肉便器」シリーズの第1弾。 炉利系単体美少女として大人気の「かわいゆい」チャンが登場です。「肉便器」?とお思いの貴方、これは口では言い表せないほど 『スゴイこと』としか申し上げられません。とにかくこんな可愛い子が○○○されたりXXXされたり…勃起しまくりオナニーしまくりになる事間違いありません。 まさにゆいチャンを公衆便所扱いです。(爆)東熱では当たり前の生ハメ・オマンコ玩具プレイ・中出しに付け加えまして4本の肉棒をお口でご奉仕、3P、 26発の「アキバ系キモオタ」ザーメンを全身にブチ撒かれる等、82分に渡って美少女ゆいを嬲り者にしてしまったトンでもない作品です。 美少女マニアはともかく真のハードコアファンまで魅了してまう東京熱は真冬でもベリーHOT。チンポをビンビンにさせて見て下さいネ!

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