Tokyo Hot n0044 A Happy New Year! – Tsubasa Okina


東京熱 n0044 つばさの生カン年賀状Part1
“A Happy New Year!”
Tsubasa Okina
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 1.67GB

— 沖那つばさ —

A Happy New Year !! Please enjoy our TOKYO-HOT in this year as well as last year. The first content in 2005 that we present is Tsubasa Okina who was active in the regular content. It is a New Year’s present from TOKYO-HOT on New Year’s Day of 2005. Tsubasa Okina who wore sexy Race Queen costume shows fuck to the content presented this time. Although it thinks that members were doing prediction by some information and think that members were short of numbness as it was not appeared yet. At the last, Tsubasa who is slender beauty slut shows absolutely uncensored her pussy with no abridgment which was hidden by mosaic previously. The place which has sucked the furious cock can be seen clearly. It is really so wonderful ! The member who will be able to see such a content from the beginning of the New Year’s Day is very fortunate! and will be impressed to be the member that it was really good. Please enjoy seeing Race Queen of Tsubasa who shows play such as Raw Fuck, Vaginal Cum Shot, Piss Shot, pussy insult play by toy and scores continuation of facial cum shot that would be called true value of TOKYO-HOT.

東京熱ファンのみなさん明けましておめでとうございます!2005年の元旦の東京熱からのお年玉は大手メーカーの単体で大活躍の沖那つばさチャンを御贈りいたします。 今回御贈りする作品ではセクシーなRQ衣装を身に纏った沖那つばさチャンが激しい生FUCKを見せてくれます。メンバーの方は情報である程度予測をしていたこととは思いますが 「まだか?まだか?」痺れをきらしていた方もおおかったのではと思います。ついにスレンダー美人のつばさチャンがモザイクで隠れていたオマンコをノーカットで見せてくれまっせ。 ビンビンになった肉棒をナマで咥えているところがバッチリ分かるんです。いや~素晴らしいですね!元旦早々からこんなシロモノを見れてしまうなんてメンバーになって本当に良かったと感動することでしょう。ナマカン・中出し・放尿・オマンコ玩具プレイ ・顔射数十連発顔面ドロドロとまさに東京熱の真骨頂というべきプレイが盛り込まれた沖那つばさチャンのレースクィーンをタップリご覧下さい。



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