Tokyo Hot n0042 Kill Building – Miku Kuriyama


東京熱 n0042 栗山ァ!二本挿し中出し
“Kill Building”
Miku Kuriyama
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 1.98GB

— 栗山未来 —

Dear TOKYO-HOT fun, we made a parody of “Kill Bill” which is first parody content in TOKYO-HOT. Don’t you think of what really starting after this? I think that the professional killer of the high school student who Chiaki Kuriyama plays the role of in a Kill Bill movie is fresh in memory. Miku Kuriyama who exceeds Chiaki Kuriyama makes a laugh, excitement and lust of yours by realistic acting. Of course, although there are “Raw Fuck”, “Double Fellatio”, Insult play with toy and “Vaginal Cum Shot” contained as routine course, also furthermore, raw emit into anus hole and Gangbang by 24 persons is contained at this content as well. It became one it was prominent as an insult play content that was not until now.

「東京熱」ファンのみなさま、今回の作品は『キル・ビル』ならぬ「ビル・斬る」です(爆)。いったいなの事か分からないでしょ!? 『キル・ビル』の中で栗山千明扮する女子校生の殺し屋は記憶に新しいと思います。その栗山千明を凌駕する!? 栗山未来が迫真の演技で見るものを酔わせ、ボッキさせ、欲情させてくれます。もちろん、ナマカン・Wフェラ・オマンコ玩具責め・ 中出しはお決まりのコースですが、今回はアナル中出しと十数人の囚人によるギャンバンがこの作品には納められています。 今までになかった陵辱ものとしては傑出した1本となりました。

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