Tokyo Hot n0038 Anal Fucked Teen – Miki Sakai


東京熱 n0038 中出し19歳・アナルも生カン
“Anal Fucked Teen”
Miki Sakai
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 1.67GB

— 坂井美紀 —

19 years old slut Miki Sakai who has girl hunted by our staff in this hot summer is appeared this time. She is the foolish slut who has jumped into the mansion of a brute simply on the hung by money and without understanding anything. At the first, Miki is made to relax at an interview, and the world of a hard core such as break in Vibs and Anus hole, shave under hair, raw fuck, anus fuck and vaginal cum shot which it had not tasted in the life for 19 years was fully taught to Miki.

今回は9月のまだ暑い時期にスタッフの1人がナンパしてきた19歳の坂井美紀の登場。 お金に吊られて何にも解らずにノコノコと鬼畜の館に飛び込んできたオイシイ娘なのだ。
最初はインタビューで美紀をリラックスさせ、その後始まるバイブ調教・アナル調教・剃毛・生カン・アナルハメ・ 中出しと19年間の人生で味わったことの無いハードコアの世界を美紀にタップリと教えてあげました。


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