Tokyo Hot n0035 Bachelor of Sex – Rei Kanzaki


東京熱 n0035 生カン大学淫・中出研究室
“Bachelor of Sex”
Rei Kanzaki
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 1.60GB

— 神崎麗 —

Rei Kanzaki who is diligent in study by the graduate school doctoral course of the famous university is a lascivious slut to whom a lewd pheromone drifts in much. Since it is the woman of the atmosphere of only this, it is the center of attention also at a laboratory. However, although many men want to do something as her somehow or other, for the moment, it does not become in any way. Rei Kanzaki who was labeled as an intelligent and beauty was bored with everybody of a laboratory seeing by such eye. Because she was a lascivious woman when she was in Girl’s University. Someday, such Rei had performed exorbitant action in the lounge of a laboratory. Rei who very wants a man removes panties at the laboratory which is in nobody, and begins to touch a pussy.

某有名大学の大学院博士課程で勉学に勤しむ神崎麗は、フェロモンプンプン漂うエロい女。これだけの雰囲気の女だから研究室でも注目の的。 色んな男達が彼女をどうにかモノにしたいと思っているが中々牙城が崩せない。 美人で才女というレッテルを張られた神埼は、研究室のみんながそんな目で見る事に飽き飽きしていた。というのも、女子大生時代の彼女はスケベな女だったからだ。 そんな彼女がある日研究室のラウンジで突拍子もない行動を執っていたのだった…。


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