Teen Japan Vol 8 – Makoto Kurosaki, Naruka Ohsawa, Nozomi Kahara, Reina

Teen Japan Vol 8

ティーンエージャー8 (華原希 他)
Starring: Makoto Kurosaki, Naruka Ohsawa, Nozomi Kahara, Reina
Studio: Asian Eyes
Series: Teen Japan
Genre: SexSex, Japanese, Blowjobs
SKU#: 10116241
Release Date: 06/21/2011

出演: 大沢はるか, 華原希, 黒崎まこと, 麗娜
スタジオ: アジアンアイズ
シリーズ: Teen Japan
ジャンル: ノーマルセックス, 日 本 人 物 , フェラチオ
SKU#: 10116241
発売日: 06/21/2011

The word “shirouto” in Japanese means “first timer” or “amateur.” All the girls in Teen Japan 8 are true first timers to video. These girls are young, sweet, totally natural and 100% real.

Nozomi Kahara is our covergirl for this installment. She is super cute with a pretty smile and a perfect body. Her tits are not big but not too small either, with nipples that are puffy and responsive to stimuli, as our guy tugs and tweaks on them. She keeps her J-bush clean and well within the border of her white panty line, but as her tidy whiteys drop, her soft J-grass is seen lightly coating her warm and moist J-box. We introduce her to the super J-vibe, which she grabs for control of and warms her pretty slice. She quivers and shakes and cums before swallowing the J-rod and taking a quick shower. She continues on the bed, nibbling on ball sack and gash gobbling hard cock with her schoolgirl dress on. She takes a good bareback ride, as her pussy foams and sweats its precious J-juices. Our guy leaves her some fresh juice too; in the form of a giant cream pie that fills and then flushes out of her pretty J-slit.

Teen Japan 8 では初めてAV出演する素人娘ばかり。若くて、キュートで 100%ナチュラル娘の初々しいエッチをお楽しみください。



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