Tokyo Hot n0338 82 Cum Shot – Risako Mamiya

Tokyo Hot n0338 82 Cum Shot - Risako Mamiya

東京熱 n0338 鬼汁 – 真宮梨沙子
“82 Cum Shot”
Risako Mamiya
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 2.06GB

鬼汁 – 真宮梨沙子
– 真宮梨沙子 –

There is a cabin attendance in one of the occupations that woman wants to try once. The beauty RISAKO MAMIYA of preeminent style to impersonate to cabin attendance delights to shape good clothes in this time. It is talked that she wants to finish working in good feelings that she may feel by fucking before takes a picture. However, even if RISAKO enjoys it more, the TOKYO HOT prepares the surprise. It surrounds her by men more than usual and insulted her self-indulgently. A large amount of semen of 82 totals hits RISAKO directly. The appearance of pitiful RISAKO who is made muddy and runs away madly cannot settle the men’s excitements and the fuel site be settled further. It can watch a picture of the surprise that a shock runs through a whole body! At the beginning, she makes light of it that might be the range that can be endured and taking a picture begins though she is told by supervision that there are much actors in this time.

女が一度はやってみたい職業のひとつにCAがあります。今回現場ではCAに扮したスタイル抜群の極上美人・真宮梨沙子が格好良い衣装に御満悦。 絡みで感じて良い気分で仕事を終えたいと撮影前に語ります。しかし東熱は梨沙子にもっと楽しんでもらおうとサプライズを用意。いつもより多くの男達で取り囲み好き放題に陵辱しました。 合計82発の大量ザーメンが梨沙子を容赦無く直撃。ドロドロにされ死に物狂いで逃げる哀れな梨沙子の姿は男達の興奮をさらに煽り現場は収拾不能。全身に衝撃が走る驚愕の映像が観れます! 冒頭梨沙子は監督に今回は汁男優が多いと聞かされるが我慢出来る範囲だろうと高を括り撮影開始。


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