Real Woman Writer Sex Tape – Myuu Tsubaki (CT-19)


Starring: Myuu Tsubaki
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Series: Chicken Teriyaki
Genre: Asian, Oral (Cumshots), Masturbation, SexSex, Japanese, Gonzo (Crazy), Pretty Face, Dildos/Vibrators, Beautiful Pussy, Asian DVD Sales
SKU#: CT-19
Release Date: 09/22/2009

出演: 椿みゅう
スタジオ: スタジオ・テリヤキ
シリーズ: Chicken Teriyaki
ジャンル: オモチャ, 変態, フ ェ ラ ( 射 精 ) , ノーマルセックス, アジア物 , オナニー, 日 本 人 物 , 美顔, 美マン
SKU#: CT-19
発売日: 09/22/2009

A real woman writer wants to be on camera!! Ordinary masturbation was unsatisfied for her. She decided to be filmed and she becomes a real slut. Performed a hot, nasty sex by doing Costume play and pure adult fun!



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