Tokyo Hot n0696 Elegant Meat Urinal – Yuna Asakura


東京熱 n0695 ナマ専門精液吸取り人形
“Elegant Meat Urinal”
Yuna Asakura
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 3.00GB

– 浅倉ゆうな –

The superior of grade of beauty pussy fell to the trap successfully. YUNA ASAKURA is a young lady as like the pure female college student. Although she became 20 years old and should have aimed at the adult good woman from now on, t is inserted several bad-smelling cocks while she is incomprehensible and falls to semen hell! It penetrates deeply and the delicate body is a limit immediately. Although she dislikes, piston is carried out intently and a pussy get wet with joy juice. It becomes clear immediately that she is only a lewd woman. It is also an instant that a pure and elegant young lady without immunity becomes a meat urinal. YUNA who is aiming a good looking woman is introduced a certain man and she goes to meet instantly. This man is abnormal who squeeze the cock by naked always. YUNA who is obedient by nature is requested to be stripped stark naked suddenly begins to take off clothes unwillingly. Then, cock is put out in front, and she is asked to do fellatio and is at a loss for word. However, it is overwhelmed by a man’s force and she sucks after all. It is thrown in to the back of a throat and she dribbles. She has sucked hard. A devoted fellatio is the first step to good woman.



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