Soapland: Slip And Slide – Maya Kitazawa, Minami Seto, Yukina Aoyama, Yuuki Kondo


つるりんソープ天国 (青山雪菜, 瀬戸みなみ, 近藤有紀, 北澤まや)
Starring: Maya Kitazawa, Minami Seto, Yukina Aoyama, Yuuki Kondo
Studio: Asian Eyes
Genre: Asian, Oral (Cumshots), SexSex, Cream Pie, Doggy Style
SKU#: 10095022
Release Date: 01/09/2008

出演: 青山雪菜, 瀬戸みなみ, 近藤有紀, 北澤まや
スタジオ: アジアンアイズ
ジャンル: アジア物 , フ ェ ラ ( 射 精 ) , ノーマルセックス, 中出し, ワンワンスタイル
SKU#: 10095022
発売日: 01/09/2008

Soapland is the uniquely Japanese version of a Turkish bathhouse. Beautiful women wait in a private room, which is separated into 2 areas; a bedroom and a bathing area. Male clients come to have their most wet and slippery fantasies fulfilled. Like most things Japanese, these girls have managed to perfect their individual skills; as they soap up, lube up and provide their customers with an experience one will likely never forget.



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