Gold Angel Vol 1 – Hiyori Shiraishi (SKY-038)


Starring: Hiyori Shiraishi
Studio: Sky High Entertainment
Series: Gold Angel
Genre: SexSex, Japanese, Japanese Review, 2008 Year End Sale, A-List Porn Stars
SKU#: SKY-038
Release Date: 08/18/2005

出演: 白石ひより
スタジオ: スカイハイエンターテインメント
シリーズ: Gold Angel
ジャンル: ノーマルセックス, 日 本 人 物 , 日 本 語 レ ビ ュ ー , 2008 歳末決算セール, 有名女優
SKU#: SKY-038
発売日: 08/18/2005

The Jenna Jameson of Japanese, Hiyori Shiraishi, is now a retired actress, however, many of her great movies are still being released and this is one of them. In this movie, Gold Angel, you can Hiyori squirt for the first time in front of the camera! That’s right folks, this is the first and most likely the only time you can see this girl squirt. Of course, on top of that, you can expect to see lots of great uncensored and hardcore sex which includes toy play, P.O.V. and even 3 way! If you’re a fan of Hiyori, or even if you just like Asian girls, this is a movie that must be seen. This is a highly recommended movie



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