Rock Hard Nipples (FH-05)


Starring: An Mikawa, Arisu Tsubasa, Chie Asada, Lemon Momosaki, Yuri Haruna
Studio: Oriental Dream
Genre: Asian, Japanese, Japanese Review, Beautiful Breast
SKU#: FH-05
Release Date: 07/09/2009

主演女優: 春名百合, 浅田千恵, 翼ありす, 三河あん, 桃咲れもん,
スタジオ: オリエンタルドリーム
ジャンル: アジア物 , 日 本 人 物 , 日 本 語 レ ビ ュ ー , 美乳
SKU#: FH-05
発売日: 07/09/2009

Watch these 5 Japanese girls with super sensitive Rock Hard Nipples get teased and tortured with an assortment of tools and toys. With an assortment of tools and toys, these nipples get teased, licked and pinched! Erotic facial expressions and extreme close up nipple shots! Rock Hard Nipples for all of you who love to tease and torture girls nipples. These are one of the greatest Japanese nipples you will ever see!




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