Tokyo Hot n0643 Fuck Idol Debut – Ririka Suzuki



東京熱 すずきりりか東熱ガチ姦汁 – すずきりりか
“Fuck Idol Debut”
Ririka Suzuki
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
File size: 2.88GB

– すずきりりか –

Pure and innocent idol of new star RIRIKA SUZUKI debut finally! She is already got the lot of fans by the lovely looks that lovely uniform suits well with the good shape beauty tits and the debut tune will become a big hit. A new legend of the idol world is born! However, tasting by parties concerned is common senses ahead of that. It is sensitive pussy that felt when stirred and incontinence, and PISS SHOT in front of people. It is the masochist constitution to pant intensely when it is tied up and is made vaginal cum shot. It is proved to be a precious lewd young slut to an idol. Pitiful RIRIKA debuted in the underground as an idol only for the body entertainment after thorough training. RIRIKA whom a debut was decided on by the composition of the hit maker who deals with many hits is pleased with a manager. She touches between manager’s groins too much with pleasure…



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